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Q: Who was the American wife who was a spy in the 60-70s?
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When was The Spy's Wife created?

The Spy's Wife was created in 1972.

What was James armistead contributions?

James Armistead was the first African American double spy. He was a double spy in the American Revolution for the patriot's. He became a farmer after he was a spy. He had a wife, several children, and owned three slaves! He changed his name to James Lafayette.

What role did James Armistead play in the American Revolution?

He was basically a spy for the colonists. He pretended that he sided with the British and that he didn't understand their plans, but really he reported everything to the Marquis de Lafayette, an American officer.

Why did the british decide to hang Nathan hale?

because he was American spy ! >_< !!

Where can you get an American version of 'Spy vs Spy' for PS2?

You can buy the American version on eBay.

Who was Margaret kemble gauge?

She was a spy during the American RevolutionAnswershe was a patriot spy in the American revolution.

Who was an American Revolutionary spy?

Armistead Nathan Hale was hung as a spy by the British.

Who was the American patriot spy that got hanged and a three letter word for it?

nathan hale he was a spy

What was the name of the best –known “spy ring” during the American Revolution?

Culper spy ring

What exactly is the culper spy ring?

It was a spy network in the American Revolution led by Benjamin Tallmadge.

What country did Ann Bates spy for?

She was a spy for britain during the american war for independance, She spied on the americans.

What kind of a car is the American spy from cars 2?

I think the Rod “Torque” Redline (American Spy Car) is none other than aDodge Challenger.....