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Q: Who was the European explorer whose descriptions of the riches of China made traders want to go Asia?
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Who was the European whose descriptions of the riches of china made traders want to go to Asia?

Marco Polo

How did a desire to find gold and riches affect early explorationsin the Americas?

The Columbus travels to America revealed the amount of hospitality he had received from the Native Indians and the gifts of gold and riches he carried for the Emperor of Spain. These descriptions allured all European adventurists and travelers to explore America .

When did Egyptian traders bring back African riches?

The riches that were bought back to Egypt was as follows: Gold Ivory Perfumes Animal Clothes Trees that only grow in the kingdom of Kush (lower Nubia)

Who was the early explorer who wrote about the riches in the east?

This was Marco Polo.

How did European nations compete to claim lands and riches in the New World?

when did the French claim riches

Why Amerigo Vespucci became an explorer?

Amerigo Vespucci wanted to become a explorer so he can find empires and riches.

Why did Europoean traders what to to find a sea route to Asia?

They wanted to trade with Asia; riches to bring back home:)

Whick explorer did the king of England send to find him great tresures and riches?


How did European get riches in the new world?

Spain got its riches with gold and silver, France by fur trade,Netherlands by shipping,trade

Why did Francisco Pizzaro become an Explorer?

because he wanted to find riches,land,and gold for Spain

What were some of the costs and benefits of expeditions for explorer's and sponsors?

the costs and benefits was a chance of finding riches

What did most European colonists want when they first settled in the New World?