Who was the FIRST person to invent a calendar?


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The first person was human.

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the first person to invent sports were the Iroquois-lacrosse

William Across was the first person to invent pantomime

yes that invented the first seven-day calendar

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The Romans did invent a calendar. It consisted of months with 30 or 31 days, and was said to be created by Romulus.

The first person to invent the garden sprinkler was John Feddner.

The first person to invent the first mobile cellular telephone was Martin Cooper.

The name of the person that invented the first calendar is not known. The first calendar was invented in Scotland.

They were the first to:Use bronzeInvent a wheeled vehicleInvent the compassHave a calendarHave a real working toilet

No. The Greeks did. __ No they didn't invent the first one. Many cultures developed calendars independently of each other at about the same time. It's hard to tell who was first. The Egyptians devised a the first 365-day calendar about 4236 B.C.E The Babylonians developed a lunar calendar about 4,000 years ago that divided the year into 12 months. The Greek calendar came much later.

The first person to invent the 34th lightbulb was Cameron Hillman. He livez in Save/Cancel, Utah.

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It is named after Pope Gregory XIII, though he did not invent it.

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a smart person apparently

Martin Cooper was the frist person to invent the first hand held phone and also the first to use it. On april 3, 2003 he made a caal.

He did not invent the calendar. He ordered the old Julian calendar be revised as the year was a few minutes too long and it cause problems with the date of the season changes as well as the date of Easter.

Gerardus Mercator was the first person to invent a projection map (i think!)

so they can organize the weeks and the days

because of the flooding of the Nile.

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