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Ulysses S. Grant and his real name was Hiram Ulysses Grant.

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General Grant gained a huge victory at VicksBurg

It can be argued that General, and also the general in chief, US Grant led the Union to victory in the US Civil War. Using the time frame of 1865 and moving forward, this idea is confirmed by the election in 1868 of US Grant to the presidency of the United States, as a Republican.

Confederate General led the Confederate army at the Battle of Antietam in September of 1862. Lee lost the battle and had to retreat back to Virginia. Union General George B. McClellan led the Union army to the victory.

George G. Meade. The problem was that he failed to exploit that victory and the remnants of Lee's army escaped to fight on for two more years.

Ulysses S. Grant led the Union Army.

Ulysses S Grant, who went on to become President.

New OrleansBy May 1, 186 the largest city in the Confederacy had fallen. General David Farragut led the union troops to victory here. This established control of the Mississippi river.

The two key battles that assured the Union victory in the Civil War were Vicksburg and Gettysburg.

General Lee of virginia led the confederate army and General Grant led the union army

The Battle of Fort Harrison was a fiercely won victory fro the Union, as it attempted to lay siege to Richmond. Little was gained by the capture of the fort. Union Brigadier General George Stanford led his forces to victory in this battle in September of 1864.

The victory that routed Mexican General Santa Anna's army and led to Texas' independence was known as San Jacinto.

In the second Battle, Gen Bernard Montgomery of Britain led the 8 th Army to victory.

At the end of the war, the Union Army was led by General Ulysses H. Grant. The Confederacy was being led by General Robert E. Lee.

The Union General William Tecumseh Sherman led the march to the sea which was a great success in defeating the Confederate Rebellion.

U.S. Grant - helped by Sherman, whom he befriended in this campaign.

General William Tecumseh Sherman led the Union forces.

Union General James B. McPherson led the Army of the Tennessee in 1864. He was the commander of one of the three armies led by General Sherman. McPherson was killed in an assault led by Rebel forces under the command of General Hardee.

The answer is General William Tecomsen Sherman

There was no Union General on the spot. The Sumter garrison was commanded by a Major Anderson. The General-in-Chief in Washington was Winfield Scott.

In the US Civil War, it was the Confederate General Robert E. Lee, not the Union General, who surrendered.

Union General William T. Sherman was in charge of three armies that forced Confederate forced troops out of Atlanta, leaving the city with no choice but to surrender on September 2, 1864.Three capable Union generals are listed in the Order of Battle during the Atlanta campaign. The three armies totaled approximately 120,000 troops.Army of the Cumberland led by General ThomasArmy of the The Ohio led by General ScofieldArmy of the Tennessee led by General McPherson ( McPherson was killed at Peachtree Creek and replaced by General Logan)