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Q: Who was the Hebrew king Solomons father?
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How do you say my father is the King Forever in Hebrew?

my father is the king forever = avi hu hamelech lanetzach.

What is the landscape of king Solomons tempel?


Who was the leader of Israel after the split?

The king was king Solomons son Rehoboam.

How do you say my father is the king in Hebrew?

Avi hu ha-melech.

What does the name Abimelech mean?

Abimelech means 'my father is king' in Hebrew.

Where is king solomans temple?

King Solomons temple is actually the Temple in Jerusalem.

Who sang in The Bible?

David (solomons father) sang in Psalms

What were their names of king solomons daughters?

Tephath and Basemath.

What was solomans greatest asset?

King Solomons greatest asset was his wisdom.

What was the role of the Hebrew prophets in the era following Solomons death?

To provide moral instruction according to the laws of the Torah

What does King Solomon look like?

Giant wing-wong, Solomons Song anyone?

What are king Solomons's big achievements?

King Solomon was a very powerful and wise king, he was the last king to rule the united country before it split into two.