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Q: Who was the Italian Explorer who claimed he found Cathay?
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Italian explorer who landed in present day Newfoundland but told people he had found cathay?

Ferdinand Magellan

What Italian explorer landed in Newfoundland but thought that he had found Cathay?

Giovanni Caboto is the name of the Italian explorer who landed in Newfoundland, Canada, but thought that he had found Cathay. The Italian-born explorer in question, known as John Cabot to English-speakers, landed in present-day Canada's northeastern extension even though he thought that he had reached ancient China. The pronunciation of the explorer's name will be "djo-VAN-nee ka-BO-to" in Italian.

Who was the Italian explorer who landed in present-day Newfoundland but told people he found cathay?

john Cabot -----Giovanni Caboto (known in English as John Cabot; c. 1450 - c. 1499) was an Italian navigator and explorer whose 1497 discovery of North America is commonly held to be the second European voyage to the continent since Christopher Columbus a few years earlier.

Who though he had found cathay or Canada?


What did John Cabot name the newland?

John Cabot, the Italian explorer, named the new land he found "Newfoundland."

Who was the Italian explorer who found New York Harbor?

Giovanni da Verrazzano [c. 1485-c. 1528]

What country was once called Cathay?

Cathay stems from the word "Catai" which is an alternative name for China. A link follows, and it can be found below

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Which explorer who searched for the northwest passage?

John Cabot - 1497John Cabot searched for the Northwest Passage, but never found it. Instead, he found the mainland of North America and claimed it in the name of King Henry VII.

Who landed at Newfoundland in 1497?

John Cabot, an Italian explorer, discovered Newfoundland in 1497. He was commissioned by the British government. He also likely found the future state of Maine.

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What country did cabot sail for?

John Cabot (c.1450 - 1498) John Cabot (Italian) sailed from England in May 1497, with the support of king Henry VII, and claimed New-found-land for England.

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