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In 1450 Spain did not exist as a political entity. Its territory was divided in some different Kingdoms. Kings in Spain in 1450: Kingdom of Aragón: Alfonso V (House of Trastámara)
Kingdom of Castilla: Juan II (House of Trastámara)
Kingdom of Navarra: Juan I (House of Evreux)
Nazarí Kingdom of Granada (Muslims): Muhammad IX

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Q: Who was the King of Spain in 1450?
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Who was the leader of Spain in 1450?

Spain did not exist as a single entity in 1450. What is today Spain, more or less, was divided in 4 kingdoms, whose kings were the following: - Castile, the biggest, covered most of the center and western part of Spain. It was ruled by King John II - Aragon, the second in size, covered the eastern part. It was ruled by King Alfonso V. - Navarre was a tiny kngdom in the western part of the Pyrenees. Its monarch in 1450 was John II (not the same John II of Castile), a son of the king of Aragon. - Granada (though in paper it was an emirate, not a kingdom) was the last Muslim ruled state in the Iberian Peninsula. It covered what is today the south-eastern part of Andalusia. Its king (emir) was Muhammad IX. Granada paid tribute to Castile at this time and was more or less a vassal state of her.

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What is Spain's flag in 1450s?

Spain did not yet exist in 1450, as it was still divided in (mostly) the kingdoms of Castilla, Aragon and the Moorish kingdom of Granada.

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