Who was the Pope in 2007?

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Pope Benedict XVI

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Q: Who was the Pope in 2007?
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Who was the Pope as of 2007?

Pope Benedict XVI

When was The Pope's Toilet created?

The Pope's Toilet was created in 2007.

What Pole was the pope until 2007?

Pope John Paul II was the only Polish pope but he died in 2005.

What was the name of the 2007 pope's mother?

Maria Ratzinger

How many popes have there been since 1994 to 2007?

Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI

What actors and actresses appeared in Dynasty of Oz - 2007?

The cast of Dynasty of Oz - 2007 includes: Donovan Pope as Bruce Lee

Did Pope John Paul II proposed the Luminous Mysteries in 2007?

Pope John Paul II died in 2005. He introduced the Luminous Mysteries in 2002.

Are Nick Pope's articles written in July of 2008 available to the general public?

You'll have to be more specific.Nick Pope's articles on what?If you're referring to the UK MoD files on "UFOs" (1985-2007) that Pope has written about then all of them are available for download at the link below.

Is Alexander Pope a pope?

Alexander Pope was a poet and not a pope.

Who was the pope after Pope Benedict?

If you mean Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Francis followed him as pope.

When was Pope XXIII made pope?

There is no pope named Pope XXIII. If you are referring to Pope John XXIII, he became pope in 1958.

What are the release dates for Seven Days - 1998 Pope Parker - 2.19?

Seven Days - 1998 Pope Parker - 2.19 was released on: USA: 26 April 2000 Hungary: 3 June 2007

Who is the pope in Rome?

The current pope is Pope Benedict XVI.

Who was the pope in 2008?

The pope in 2008 was Pope Benedict XVI.

Who is a famous pope?

pope julius the 2nd,pope leo,and pope clement

Who was the previous pope?

Prior to Pope Francis, the pope was Pope Benedict XVI

Was Pope Julius the first pope?

No, Pope Saint Peter was the first pope.

Is Pope Benedict the 111th Pope?

Pope Benedict XVI was the 265th pope.

What list pope is Pope Francis?

Pope Francis is pope number 266.

Who is the 263rd pope?

Pope Benedict is the 265th pope so the 263rd pope would be Pope John Paul I.

What was the pope's name in 1075?

Pope St. Gregory VII was pope in 1075.Pope St. Gregory VII was pope in 1075.

Who was the 10th pope?

Pope Pius I was the 10th pope.

Who was the 266th pope?

Pope Francis is the 266th pope.

Where is Pope II?

There is no pope named Pope II.

Who is the pope in 2014?

Pope Francis is the pope in 2014.