Who was the President of Afghanistan in 1981?

Babrak Karmal was the President of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan in 1981.

Babrak Karmal was the Chairman of the Presidium of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan from 1979 December 27 to 1986 November 24. Ascending to power after Hafizullah Amin's assassination by the Soviets, the Soviet backed Karmal attempted several reforms to attempt to unify the nation. These included promoting Parchamites in the government and military to the chagrin of the Khalqis, changing the flag from it's red factional incarnation to a more traditional black, red and green flag, and implementing "Fundamental Principles" such as the right to free speech and proper criminal trials, changes started under Amin. However, continued civil war with no results led to the Soviets gradually withdrawing support in the face of such results. Karmal was eventually forced to resign on 1986 November 24.