Who was the President of Albania in 1992?

Ramiz Tafë Alia was the President of Albania at the start of 1992 until April 3. Sali Berisha became the President of Albania on April 9.

Ramiz Alia was the 1st President of the Republic of Albania, formed on 1991 April 30. He served as president from 1991 April 30 to 1992 April 3. Formerly the Chairman of the Presidium of the Albanian People's Assembly from 1982 November 22 to 1991 April 30, Alia remained in power after Albania converted from a communist state to a republic.

Sali Berisha was the 2nd President of Albania from 1992 April 9 to 1997 July 24. He was the first freely elected President of Albania, after Albania became a Republic in 1991. Berisha later became the 34th Prime Minister of Albania from 2005 September 11 to 2013 September 11.