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This happened during World War II after the Japanese attacked the US base in Hawaii when Franklin Roosevelt was president.

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Q: Who was the President of the US during Japanese internment?
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Where were the relocation camps for the Japanese in the US during World War 2?

US Internment Camps during WW IIThe related link site will have a map of all the Japanese-American Internment camps in the United States during World War II.

Who did the US force into internment camps during world war 2?

Japanese americans..

When did the US government formally apologize for Japanese internment?

The US government formally apologized for Japanese internment in 1990.

What group were held in internment camps in the us during world war 11?


Who was involved in the Japanese internment?

During World War II, the US government, under Executive Order 9066, authorized the internment of Japanese Americans. Approximately 120,000 individuals of Japanese ancestry, including both US citizens and non-citizens, were forcibly removed from their homes and relocated to internment camps. The involvement included government officials, military personnel, and law enforcement authorities.

Forced relocation and confinement of Japanese Americans during the war?

"Japanese-American internment" where US citizens sere forcibly relocated into what was euphemistically referred to as "War Relocation Camps" : Executive Order 9066 .

How did the us government policy of internment affect thousands of Japanese Americans on the west coast of the US?

The effects on the internment of Japanese-Americans was negative psychologically. Shock and fear plagued the Japanese-Americans as a result of the internment camps.

What are the pros of Japanese internment camps?

What are the pros of the Japanese internment camps? to protect what the US saw as a 'threat' after pearl harbor was bombed

What US region were Japanese internment camps in?

The US west Coast.

What was the purpose of the japanese internment camps during the war?

Thousands of Japanese-Americans were forced to live in Japanese internment camps in the U.S. There were really no benefits to the relocation and it proved to be the largest violations of civil liberties in American history.

Which group of Americans were sent to internment centers during ww2 in the us?

Japanese Americans ~ see related link below .

What action did the US government take against many Japanese Americans during the war?

The U.S. government put many Japanese Americans in internment camps