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Q: Who was the Presidents during the Baby Boom?
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What was the length of the baby boom?

The baby boom lasted from around 1946 to 1964, resulting in a significant increase in birth rates during that period.

What events took place during the baby boom?

your birth

When was Boom Boom Baby created?

Boom Boom Baby was created in 1958.

When did the baby boom occur during the cold war?

The baby boom occured right after the end of World War II when all the men came home from Europe.

Where is the baby from baby boom?

The term "baby boom" most often refers to the dramatic post-World War II baby boom (1946-1964). There are an estimated 78.3 million Americans who were born during this demographic boom in births. The term is a general demographic one and is also applicable to other similar population expansions.

What happen to children during the baby boom?

population of children increases rapidly

A presidents power as commander in chief is greatest during?

Greatest during War baby.

How do you know who is a baby boomer?

The baby boom occurred during the 1950's, therefore any person that was born during this time period would be known as a baby boomer.

How do you use the word baby boom in a sentence?

There was a baby boom in the U.S.

What is the name of the song shake your booty baby shake your booty baby..boom boom boom boom?

Frank Ti-Aya feat. Yardi Don - Boom Boom Boom

When was Baby Boom Galaxy created?

Baby Boom Galaxy was created in 2008.

What are the baby boomer years?

People who were born during the years 1946 and 1964 in the United States are called 'Baby boomers', because they were precisely conceived and born during the Postâ??World War II baby boom.