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Who was the US Presidential candidate who served in Italian Campaign in World War 2?

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2007-05-13 00:40:52

There were two. Lieutenant Robert Dole was a member of Company

I, 85th Mtn Regiment, 10th Mountain Division. He was severly

wounded on 14 April 1945 at Hill 913. After 3 years and 9

operations he recovered but lost the use of his right arm. He

became US Senator from Kansas and ran for President against Bill

Clinton. Lt. George McGovern werved as a bomber pilot with the

455th Bomb Group, 15th Army Air Force. He flew 35 missions in B-24

name "Dakota Queen" based at Cherignola, Italy. His fellow airmen

rated him as top notch pilot. The ground crew noted that his B-24

usually returned with more fuel remaining in the tanks compared to

the other aircraft. He later became US Senator from S. Dakota and

was the Deomocratic Presidential candidate in 1972. His service

records is quite interesting in lieu of the fact that he was a

well-known activists against the Viet Nam War.

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