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Who was the author of the Open Door notes?


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William Woodville Rockham formulated the Open Door Policy. Secretary of State John Jay, in his Open Door Note, proposed the Open Door Policy in 1899 to deal with keeping China open to trade with all countries on an equal basis.


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U.S. Secretary of State John Hay wrote the Open Door Notes in 1899-1900.

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The Open Door Policy that was imposed on China was developed by James Hay, the US Secretary of State in in the Open Door Notes of September-November 1899.

Secretary of State John Hay called for an "Open Door" policy with China in his series of notes written from 1899-1900. After these notes were published, the "Open Door" became U.S.'s official policy towards the Far East in the early 20th Century.

Secretary of State John Jay, in his Open Door Note, proposed the Open Door Policy in 1899 to deal with keeping China open to trade with all countries on an equal basis. For more information about Hay and his Open Door Policy, see the related links below.

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The Open Door notes from John Hay were issued in 1899 to keep European powers from dividing up The Congo Basin and China. The US had become a Far Eastern power after acquiring The Philippine Islands following the Spanish-American war. It said that Africa (the Congo) and China were not to be partitioned by European powers. The unanimous acceptance of Hay's proposal made the Open Door an international policy. After WWII China became a completely sovereign state, and no nation had any right to carve out spheres of influence and the Open Door policy ceased to exist.

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