Who was the cousin of Prophet Muhammad?

Mohammed had so many cousins that I don't think anyone has ever counted them! Here are the names of some of them.

Children of his uncle al-Harith

(1) Abu Sufyan, who was a close friend at first, but became hostile when Muhammad declared himself a prophet.

(2) Nawfal, one of the husbands of Durra bint Abi Lahab.

(3) Rabia.

(4) Abdshams, later renamed Abdullah.

(5) Arwa, wife of Abu Wida'a ibn Sabara.

Children of his uncle Zubayr

(6) Dubaa, wife of Miqdad ibn Umar.

(7) Umm al-Hakam, wife of Rabia ibn al-Harith.

(8) Safiya.

(9) Umm Zubayr.

Children of his uncle Abu Talib

(10) Talib.

(11) Fakhita (Umm Hani), to whom Muhammad proposed marriage twice (thirty years apart), but she refused him both times. She married Hubayra ibn Abi Wahb.

(12) Aqil, his father's favourite.

(13) Rayta, perhaps also known as Umm Talib.

(14) Jaafar, one of the Abyssinian exiles, who died at the Battle of Muta.

(15) Jumana, wife of Abu Sufyan ibn al-Harith.

(16) Ali ibn Abu Talib, later the fourth Caliph, who married his daughter Fatima.

(17) Tulayq.

Children of his aunt Umm Hakim al-Bayada

(18) Amir ibn Kurayz.

(19) Arwa bint Kurayz, mother of Caliph Uthman.

(20) Talha ibn Kurayz.

(21) Umm Talha bint Kurayz.

Children of his aunt Arwa

(22) Tulayb ibn Umayr.

(23) Fatima bint Arta.

Children of his aunt Atiqa

(24) Abdullah ibn Abi Umayya.

(25) Zuhayr ibn Abi Umayya.

(26) Qurayba bint Abi Umayya, the wife in succession of Caliph Umar, then Caliph Muawiyah, then Abdulrahman ibn Abi Bakr.

Children of his aunt Barra

(27) Abu Salama ibn Abdulasad, an early convert to Islam, whose widow later married Muhammad.

(28) Abu Sabra ibn Abi Ruhm, who was killed at the Battle of Badr.

Children of his aunt Umama

(29) Abdullah ibn Jahsh, who was killed at the Battle of Uhud.

(30) Ubaydallah ibn Jahsh, who died a Christian in Abyssinia, and whose widow later married Muhammad.

(31) Zaynab bint Jahsh, a wife of Muhammad.

(32) Abu Ahmed ibn Jahsh, a blind poet.

(33) Habiba bint Jahsh, a wife of Abulrahman ibn Awf.

(34) Hamna bint Jahsh, wife of Musaab ibn Umayr, then later of Talha ibn Ubaydallah, who was flogged for slandering Aisha.

Children of his uncle Abu Lahab.

(35) Utba, first husband of his daughter Ruqayya.

(36) Utayba, first husband of his daughter Umm Kulthum, who is said to have been eaten by a lion (but this may be a pious legend).

(37) Muattab.

(38) Durra, a wife of Muhammad's adopted son Zayd ibn Haritha, also married to Nawfal ibn al-Harith, then to al-Harith ibn Amr, then to Dihya ibn Khalifa.

(39) Uzza, wife of Awf ibn Hakim.

(40) Khalida, wife of Uthman ibn Abi'l-As.

Children of his uncle Hamza

(41) Umama, who married Muhammad's stepson Salama ibn Abi Salama.

(42) Yaala.

(43) Amir.

(44) Umara.

(45) and (46) Two daughters, possibly twins, who died in childhood.

Children of his uncle Abbas

(47) Al-Faraa, wife of Qatn ibn Al-Harith.

(48) Al-Fadl. He was the handsome young man about whom Muhammad made his famous remark: "I saw a young man with a young woman, and I did not trust Satan not to be a third alongside them!"

(49) Abdullah ibn Abbas, the famous hadith-master, ancestor of the Abassid Caliphs.

(50) Ubaydullah.

(51) Quthum.

(52) Maabad.

(53) Abdulrahman.

(54) Umm Habib, wife of al-Aswad ibn Sufyan.

(55) Al-Harith.

(56) Awn.

(57) Mushir.

(58) Kathir, said to be the most violent man of his time.

(59) Amina.

(60) Safiya.

(61) Tammam.

Children of his aunt Safiya

(62) Safi ibn al-Harith.

(63) Zubayr ibn al-Awwam, one of the "Ten Promised Paradise".

(64) Sa'ib ibn al-Awwam.

(65) Abdulkaaba ibn al-Awwam.

Children of his uncle Muqawwim

(66) Hind, wife of Bashir ibn Amr.

(67) Arwa, wife of al-Harith ibn Yaamar.

(68) Umm Amr, wife of Masud ibn Muattib, then later of Abu Sufyan ibn Harith.

I give you no guarantee that this list is complete. There are probably a few more hiding in the undergrowth of the family tree.