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the family staying with the franks are the Van Daans they are also known as the Van Pels.

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Were all Anne Franks family Jewish?

Yes, Anne Franks family were Jewish.

Who Hid the franks?

Family friend Meip Gies hid the franks

Was Anne Franks family nice?

her family were nice to her

Who turned in Anne Frank and what happen to them?

Another person staying with the franks in the annex owned a cat when the Nazi's came to check out the building the cat meowed giving them away, the franks and others staying with them were sent to concentration camps. Actually nobody knows

When did Otto Frank get separated from his family?

The FranksOtto Frank was separated from his family, when the Franks were taken to Aushwitz and women and men were separated. This is the last time he saw his family.

Who stayed with the franks during the holocaust?

The Van Pels family stayed with the Franks during the holocaust.

Who lived with the franks in hiding?

The Frank Family. Van Pels Family.

How long was Anne Franks family hiding for?

Anne Franks family were in hiding for 2 years until they got found and taken to a concentration camp.

What releaf did miep gies give to the franks and their friends?

that no one would suspect that people were staying in the annex.

What were some of Anne Franks challenges and how did she fix them?

getting food and staying alive and hidding away from hitler.

How did anne franks diary get published?

A family friend of the franks found it and then her dad published it to show people how Jews were cheated.

Who stayed in hiding with the franks?

Besides the Frank family, the van Pels family (mother, father and teenage son) and a dentist named Fritz Pfeffer shared the hiding place with the Franks.

Who hid with Anne Franks family?

The van Pels family, and a dentist named Fritz Pfeffer.

Where was Anne Franks hideout?

Anne Franks hideout was in a attic at the top of a very tall building so the Germans couldn't get her family and herself.

What was Anne Franks favourite sport?

anne franks favorite sport was water polo. she played all the time with her family in the pool by the bay.

Names of Annie franks family?

Hi what is all of your names ? please answer

How long did anne franks family hide?

she hid from 1942 to 1944

Did ann franks father survive?

yes he was the only survivor of the family.

Where was the place where the family was hiding out?

An attic on top of Mr. Franks office.

Who were all the members in the Frank family?

The Franks were a family of four: Otto, Edith, and their daughters Margot and Anne.

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