Who was the first Native American to play pro-football?

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Jim Thorpe (link below) was probably the first American Indian to play pro football. He played professionally with the Pine Village Pros in Indiana in 1913 and later went on to become the first president of the NFL, where he also played for the Oorang Indians (an all-American Indian team) in Ohio.
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WHere was the first American football game played?

The first American collegiate game of football was played in 1869in New Brunswick, New Jersey by Rutgers College and PrincetonUniversity. Rutgers won this game. From that point on Americanfootball has become a billion dollar collegiate and professionalsport. This not to be confused by the world's ga ( Full Answer )

What is the Native American word for first?

There are more than 700 different Native American languages spoken in North and South America. You will have to be more specific. If you are not sure which language you are talking about, here is a partial list of the most common Native American languages in North America: . Abnaki, Eastern . ( Full Answer )

Who was the first African American to play in pro football?

Charles Follis , a.k.a "The Black Cyclone," (ca. 1879-1910) signed a contract to play football for money on September 16, 1904, becoming the sport's first black professional.. In 1899, Follis helped organize the varsity football team at his high school in Wooster, Ohio. He was elected captain by hi ( Full Answer )

Who were the first Native Americans in Wyoming?

The first evidence of inhabitants of Wyoming show they probably arrived about 11,500 B.C. through the Bering Straight, possibly part of the Clovis culture. Later, the Shoshone, Arapaho, Cheyenne and Crow lived in the eastern portion of the area with the Ute in the western portion.

Why did the native Americans play stickball?

It was a sort of practice for war, a way of honing the skills that were required in war and it is believed that the preparations for the game were much the same as the preparations for war. Not only for that but some of the tribes that lived in Florida such as the siminols used it as a way to get a ( Full Answer )

Who was the first native American who played in the Olympics?

This question is not easy to answer. For starters, it depends upon what was meant by "olympics." I have found no record of Native Americans participating in Olympics prior to 1904 and that is the rub. The 1904 Olympics were held in conjunction with the St. Louis World's Fair (officially called the L ( Full Answer )

Who were the first native Americans in Memphis?

Native Americans were in the Memphis area long before anyone laid claim to the area. When De Soto explored the area he was the first outsider to see the Indians and there land. The Indians hated him so much when he died he was buried in the Mississippi river so the Indians would not destroy his body ( Full Answer )

Who was the first native American that met the Indians?

This question doesn't make sense. The word "Indians" is used to refer to people from India, or to Native Americans. So you're asking who was the first Native American to meet the Native Americans!

Who was the native American to first meet the pilgrims?

squanto was the first native to *help* the pilgrims, but he didnt meet them until later, since the Indians that did meet the pilgrims didn't know English. Squanto was one of the most famous one too

How native Americans first reacted?

please help The native America first treaty the European with kindness, if it had not been for the Native America in 1607 in Plymouth, mass. the England would have die of starvation because they did not know how to grow food. The Native America taught them how to plant corn, first you drill a hole ( Full Answer )

Who made the first Native American dictionary?

John Smith and William Strachey compiled short dictionaries (word lists) of the Powhatan language in the period 1612 to 1624, but these lists were far from complete. A Spanish Franciscan priest wrote the first Nahuatl (Aztec) grammar in 1547, but this was not specifically a dictionary. Nahuatl di ( Full Answer )

Who was the first Native American tribe in Hawaii?

The first was the Navajo Indians. After giving thought to the answer, it may in fact be a correct and legitimate answer. It could have been a simple throw out answer that hit the mark by accident but here is a plausible explanation. By Jewish Tradition a Minyon mandates 10 men to form a community a ( Full Answer )

When did they first play American football?

Ivy League schools had been playing various types of kicking games as far back as the 1820s. The first recognized intercollegiate football game happened in 1869 between Rutgers and Princeton, although that game probably resembled soccer more than the game we know today.

Was a Native American the first found as a werewolf?

No. The first confirmed werewolf was found in Sicily in 1923. The werewolf had been terrorizing the local town, Licata, reportedly killing 17 over a two-week span. The Italian army, under Gen. Federico Count Baistrocchi, dispatched of the creature. The autopsy revealed that it was, in fact, a werewo ( Full Answer )

When did native americans first exist?

There is not a certain time when Native Americans first existed.They lived as Native Americans since the beginning of time.

Were the first Americans Native Americans?

No. The fact is that we do not know who the first "Americans" were. There are a number of theories but no conclusive proof that can be traced back to any other culture. Some theories place the first immigrants coming from: . Polynesia . South East Asia . Japan . Siberia . China . Northern E ( Full Answer )

Did Native Americans inhabit Alaska first?

Not quite. While no one knows who the first people were to cross over into what is now Alaska--could have been the ancient Siberians, perhaps the Ainu--those that remained and settled obviously became Native Americans.

Why were Native Americans the first Americans?

Because they were born there, they were living on that land first for years. Just like the people from Spain where birthed there but then they migrated to America. They were from Asia, but during the ice age they walked over the sea. After the ice age the realized what they had done so they split up ( Full Answer )

Was Jim thorpe the first native American to play pro sports?

No, there were others before him. Some of the baseball players who played in MLB before Jim Thorpe were ... 1) Louis Francis Sockalexis was from the Penobscot tribe and played outfield in MLB between 1897-1899 for the Cleveland Spiders of the National League. He was an excellent athlete and playe ( Full Answer )

Before jim thorpe were native americans allowed to play pro sports?

Yes Native Americans were allowed to play before Jim Thorpe. Typically the racial barrier in sports was specifically directed towards African Americans and generally players from Latin, Native American or other ethnic groups were allowed to play. One such example is Jimmy Claxton who was one of the ( Full Answer )

Who was the first First Native to play in the NHL?

Fred Sasakamoose was the first First Nations (Canadian equivalent to "Native American") NHL player. He played 11 games for the Chicago Black Hawks in 1953-54. He is now an elder of the Ahtahkapoop Cree Nation and a senator of the First Nations Government.

First European contacts with Native Americans?

The Icelandic Sagas record that the Viking settlement of Vinland in what is now Newfoundland made contact with native tribes there about the year 1000 A.D.. They both traded and fought with them. After that, the next contact was by Christopher Colombus in 1492. agricultural chiefdoms

Why did the native Americans first play lacrosse?

Lacrosse was originally a way for Native Americans to test their strength, endurance, and speed. They used this game as a way to settle disputes, prepare for war, or for leadership. Women were forbidden to play because the game was unsafe and had no padding involved as it does today. Games could las ( Full Answer )

Where did first Native Americans come from?

A lot of people don't really know for sure. But archeologists predicted that they either came from the Ice Bridge from Russia of Asia that led to what is now Alaska and they walked down North America. We may never know where they came from, to be honest. I hope this helps you!

Who were the first Americans or native Americans?

The most common is the Haudenosaunee and Algonquins. A smaller group of Algonquins is the Lenape. The Lenape id divided into 3 clans. The clan are the Munsee, Unami, and Unalachtigo. The Haudenosaunee was when 5 clans was in a confederation. they joined together and was known as the Haudenosaunee. T ( Full Answer )

How did the English depend on the Native Americans at first?

The English/Europeans were not used to the harsh winters that North America offered its inhabitants, and so the Native Americans saved the Europeans by showing them how to survive the winters when they first arrived. I hope that helps!

Who was the first Native American in Hawaii?

Hawaii was not part of the USA until it became a state on 21 August 1959, when all its aboriginal inhabitants officially became "native Americans" almost by accident and at the click of a switch. So there was no "first native American in Hawaii". Prior to 1959 the Hawaiian islanders had absol ( Full Answer )

Who was the first type of Native American person?

That's an interesting question and not an easy concept to understand, for several reasons: . You are thinking of a prehistoric time long before any of the tribal groups we know today came into existence. The people were Pleistocene Siberian hunter-gatherers who had no concept of Asia or North Am ( Full Answer )

Did Native Americans inhabit Hawaii first?

There is dna evidence that Native Americans and Polynesians came in contact before Europeans came to the Americas. This dna evidence was found in remains that pre date first contact with Europeans.

What was the first place that the native American landed?

Native American Indians migrated from what we knew then was the far east so 10 thousand years ago. The prevailing theory is that they crossed a "landbridge" that connected Alaska with Russia during the ice age.

How did the first native Americans arrive on the continent?

Many people believe that the Bering Strait was much smaller, shallower, or even non-existant when the Natives crossed into the American continent from Asia, making a kind of land bridge. If you type "Inuits" into google images, you can see that many Inuits (or Eskimos) have Asian features, which sup ( Full Answer )

Did Native Americans inhabit Georgia first?

Native Americans were in the area long before Georgia was named and created a state. They may have been there for 20,000 years or more; white people have been there for less than 500 years.

Were the Native Americans the first humans?

No, they only became "native Americans" after they migrated into the Americas - it follows that there were human beings before those migrations took place. America may have been first populated only around 20,000 years ago (the date is still being investigated); the first modern humans in Asia li ( Full Answer )

What Native Americans lived in michagan first?

Long before the name "Michigan" was used, the area was home to people today called Palaeo-Indians ("ancient Indians"), from about 14,000 years ago. We know almost nothing about these people , the languages they spoke, the names of their tribes, personal names and the elements of the their religion ( Full Answer )

Who were the first native Americans to entrer Texas?

"Texas" is a modern concept, a purely artificial division of the North American land mass - it did not exist as Texas when the first native Americans arrived. The very early natives in the area that became Texas were the pre-Clovis culture, perhaps as much as 15,500 years ago. These people are ( Full Answer )

What was the first native American dictionary?

John Smith and William Strachey compiled short dictionaries (word lists) of the Powhatan language in the period 1612 to 1624, but these lists were far from complete. A Spanish Franciscan priest wrote the first Nahuatl (Aztec) grammar in 1547, but this was not specifically a dictionary. Nahuatl di ( Full Answer )

Who was the man that complied first native American?

If you are asking about the first dictionary of a native American language, the answer is: John Smith and William Strachey compiled short dictionaries (word lists) of the Powhatan language in the period 1612 to 1624, but these lists were far from complete. A Spanish Franciscan priest wrote the ( Full Answer )

Why did native Americans first harvest tobacco?

Tobacco was used at ceremonies and celebrations and had sacred meaning to many different Native tribes. It was smoked inside the peace pipe or calumet. The smoke from the burning tobacco was believed to send one's prayers directly to the Great Spirit, known to them as the creator of all.

How did the first Native Americans get to the Americas?

About 15000 years ago during the last ice age when the oceans weremuch lower than now people from Asia began crossing what is called"the Bering land bridge" (a strip of land over 1000 miles widenorth to south linking Asia and Alaska). Between 15000 years ago and 12000 years ago they lived on "theBer ( Full Answer )