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Who was the first government name in the mesopotamia?

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When did the first government come in mesopotamia?


Who was the first government of Ancient Mesopotamia?

They had a government related to a democracy. First leader was Nebuchadnezzar a king.

What is the name of the first country that first inhabited in mesopotamia?


What is the government of Mesopotamia?

Answergovernment kind of just had king that ruled over them but only one king took over all of mesopotamia his name is Hummurabi

How did the government of Mesopotamia was set up?

The government of Mesopotamia was formed into the Fertile Crescent, located in the Middle East. It was founded along the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, where the first civilizations were discovered.

Is Mesopotamia the name of an area or a civilization?

Mesopotamia is the name of the area that the land's first inhabitants controlled, but not the civilizations. So9me of the inhabitants were the Akkadians, the Sumerians and the Babylonians

Who first unified Mesopotamia as an empire?

According to legend, it was built by the king Sargon the Great who unified Mesopotamia under the rule of his Akkadian Empire and set the standard for future forms of government in Mesopotamia

What is the present name of Mesopotamia?

What is the present name of Mesopotamia

What was the name of your first real government?

The name of the first government was "Despotism".

Did Ancient Mesopotamia have a monarchy for a government?

yes ancient Mesopotamia was a monarchy

What is the name of the first known settlement in southern Mesopotamia?

Ubaid culture.

What was the name of the people who founded the first civilization in Mesopotamia?

The Sumerians and Akkadians.

What is the former name of Mesopotamia?

Mesopotamia IS the former name. The current name is Iraq.

What where the first stages of building the first empire of Mesopotamia?

The first empire in Mesopotamia

How did Mesopotamia government influence the US government?

It didn’t influence the US government at all. Mesopotamia was thousands of years before the establishment of the United States.

Which came first Mesopotamia or Egypt?

Mesopotamia was the first civilization in the world. Egypt came after Mesopotamia was formed.

Why did the first cities of mesopotamia need a centralized government?

They need it because their balls were sticking to their tongues and vagina's

Who was the first king in sumer Mesopotamia?

Hammurabi was the first king of Mesopotamia.

Which came first Mesopotamia or the Greek empire?

Mesopotamia came first.

Who were the first inhabitants of Mesopotamia?

who were the first inhabitants of the Mesopotamia?they were the Sumerians and the Akkadians.

What is the name of the first civilization?

Well, The first civilization was located in Ancient Mesopotamia, which is now the country of Iraq. The name in which you asked for is Sumer.

What government is Mesopotamia?

they had a democracy or similar

What was the Government structure Of Mesopotamia?


Modern name for Mesopotamia?

The definiton for mesopotamia is= The land between the rivers.ANSWER 2:The modern name for ancient Mesopotamia is Iraq.

How was the economy in Mesopotamia?

In Mesopotamia had a good economythey had a government andlots of classes for people to learn about.