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Who was the first knight in the Middle Ages?

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AnswerThis is an unanswerable question. Even if it could be recorded, the question implies that there was a singular first knight instead of a cultural movement towards the use of what we now call knights. AnswerThere was no first knight in the Middle Ages. Knights predated the Middle Ages.

Knights were important in the society of Republican Rome. They were heavy cavalry, and were always around in greater or smaller numbers. When the Middle Ages began, the Germanic groups that founded the nations of Western Europe already had knights, as did the Byzantines.

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the first stage was a page then a squire and lastly a knight

A knight was a mounted warrior in Europe in the middle ages.

Let's just say they weren't "knights in shining armor", most knights were not quote end quote wealthy; the middle ages were a dark time, and being a knight was not as glamorous as we in the twenty first century make it out to be.

knights in the middle ages had shields ankle cuffs shin cuffs and swords bows Etc...

to protect the king and castle

it was bad to be a knight because you could die.

i think some of the best ways to describe a knight from the middle ages is brave, strong, chivalrous, honorable, honest, polite, courageous, bold, and daring.

Usually a knight in the Middle Ages, who protects the royalty, land, and people.

There was no "chief" knight. Each knight was a noble so they were equal to each other.

A squire would be below a knight and other lesser nobles.

The three stages of knight hood were a page then a squire then finally you were a knight.

A knight is responsible for maintaining all of their equipment.

At the age of 21 he becomes a knight.

dubbing is when a squire becomes a knight

During the middle ages, knights were expected to be chivalrous and truthful. they were to serve and protect the people, the monarch and the country.

In English, a knight was a knight, in French he was chevalier, and in German he were called ritter. A knight would have the title, Sir.

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