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Who was the first rock and roll singer?


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There were a multitude of rock and roll singers.

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Elvis the king of rock and roll

Rock 'n' Roll Singer was created on 2000-06-13.

He was a rock n roll singer and actor. He was know as the King of Rock and Roll.

first female singer inducted into rock and roll hall of fame.

rock and roll and blues

Rock n roll is a genre of music, usually having a singer, a drummer, a guitarist, and a bassist.

Jane jet her song I love rock & roll was one of the worlds biggest hit

Buddy Holly was an American rock 'n' roll singer in the 1950s.

they were the first rock and roll band

The first rock and roll TV show was American Bandstand.

Rock star IS slang. It means a rock and roll singer who is very popular and talented.

He was the king of rock n roll, also an actor and singer.

Pop and rock&roll singer of the 50's and sixties.

Memphis, Tennessee is the home of many famous musicians. Perhaps the most famous rock and roll singer from this location is Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley.

Bill Haley and the Comets sang the first rock n roll song which was Rock Around the Clock.

Aretha Franklin was the first woman to enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Mary Kaye went by First Lady of Rock and Roll, and The First Lady of Rock and Roll.

The way I hear him sing, it sounds like he is!!!! So yes he a Rock and Roll singer!!!!! YOU GO ADAM U CAN WIN IT JUST TRY AND U GOT THE WHOLE SHOW FOR U!!!!!

moody blues-lead singer is Justin Haywood

That is a KISS song. The lead singer of KISS is Gene Simmons. Actually, Paul Stanley has always been listed as the "official" lead singer of KISS. But, Gene did take the lead on Rock and Roll All Night.

Well I can not for sure who invented rock in roll , but the first rock ~n~ roll song was rock around the clock ( the theme song from happy days)

he became a great rock n roll singer

Elvis Presley Little Richard Chuck Berry

Nope! He's just a rock and roll singer!

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