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The first person to invent the garden sprinkler was John Feddner.

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Q: Who was the first to invent garden sprinkler?
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Garden Sprinkler?

form_title= Garden Sprinkler form_header= Keep water on your garden so it can grow! What size sprinkler do you need?*= () Small () Medium () Large Do you want to add timers to the sprinkler? What is the square footage of your garden?*= _ [50]

How do you translate 'sproeier' from Afrikaans into English?

Sproeier is "sprinkler" and usually refers to a garden sprinkler.

Who is joseph h smith inventor?

Joseph H. Smith was an African American born into slavery who invented an improved version of the lawn sprinkler. He was not the first person to invent and patent the lawn sprinkler, but his sprinkler patents improved on the original idea. After creating his first sprinkler, he continued to improve it and patented a second version.

Is there a garden sprinkler out there that will cover a 12' x 60' garden?

Ray Padula makes a garden sprinkler that sits on a tripod. It will cover up to 90 feet. It has an adjustable sprayer for part circles if you do not want to cover the entire area with water. The garden sprinkler also has a lifetime warranty! Garden Harvest Supply is a good source for Ray Padual garden sprinklers.

What is the use of a sprinkler?

Basically a sprinkler is used for irrigation or watering a garden or lawn. But now it is used widely in different scenario. It is used as fire sprinkler systems, as cooling system etc.

Who inveted the first sprinkler?

Joseph A. Smith invented the first sprinkler and was an African American

When did Elijah mccoy invent the lawn sprinkler?

It is not recorded when McCoy invented the lawn sprinkler. He also invented the folding ironing board and the self lubrication system.

Why do you need a circuit to make a light bulb work?

For the same reason that you need a garden hose to make a sprinkler work: the circuit provides electricity to the light bulb, the garden hose provides water to the sprinkler.

What is the best system to water the 20 x 20 feet big garden?

A sprinkler

How much water can a garden sprinkler use in a half an hour?

almost 400 GPM

Which principle best explains why the sprinkler spins?

To get the best possible spray across the Garden

What type of invention did Joseph h smith invent?

Joseph H. Smith invented the lawn sprinkler.

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