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Who was the fist to eat gum?


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the first to eat gum was god

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Charles gumbirlige created bubble gum in 1932

the mayan indians made gum by tree sap..

People eat gum because it can fresh up your mouth.

I do. I luv the environment so I eat the rapper with the gum

Yes, they will eat bubble gum but it is not a recommended food.

No. Koalas are herbivores. They eat gum leaves and live in gum trees.

yes you can actually eat the stride gum wrapper..but just make sure you do not swallow it and make sure if you do eat it have it with ur stride gum

Koalas eat gum leaves. Gum leaves have little energy or nutrition so a koala has to eat quite a lot to stay healthy.

You can eat chewing gum it won't kill you if you eat it, it will pass through your digestive system.

Of course dogs can eat gum. They can also drive cars. And salsa dance.

From what we do at my school, yes in fact. Same with Trident gum wrappers, my friends have told me it adds to the gum. I wouldn't recommend it... but yes you can eat it. It gives more gum.

Depends on the gum if it is good forever!

Gum is only for chewing not for eating than that may kill you if you swallow to much gum.

yes ,you can eat it. if you chew on it nothing will happen .the gum will be a little more harder though.

any country it wont kill you if you eat bubble gum i do it all the time

-- who doesnt eat chocolate gum ? geez. - but i know someone who does eat it , the name is ******, ahah- , gtsgts .

well pigs can probably eat bubble gum but they don't actually like eat it normally as every day food.

Any type of gum as long as it ruins ur braces

Chew gum, eat a light dinner and stay active.

yes you can but it advised not to!

You can, but it's not recommended. :)

Because it taste good! :)

They can chew it but digesting it... No

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