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Traditionally, the founding of Neopolitan Opera is attributed to Alessandro Scarlatti (1660-1725), and he certainly was one of its most important figures. However that is somewhat of an oversimplification. See Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians for information.

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What is a favourite Neapolitan opera?

Two examples are operas by Scarlatti were Eraclea (1700), Mitridate (1707).

What has the author Michael Finlay Robinson written?

Michael Finlay Robinson has written: 'Naples and Neapolitan opera' -- subject(s): Opera, History and criticism, Naples

Neapolitan opera originated in which European city?

"Neapolitan" is a word pertaining to Naples, Italy. There's not really a separate school of opera called Neapolitan. Nicola Porpora (17 August 1686 - 3 March 1768) was an opera composer born in Naples.There is a strong tradition of song from Naples. Neapolitan songs have formed a large part of the recital repertoire of many, usually male, singers from Italy and other countries. Generally these are in a very romantic style, serenades and lover's complaints. Notable composers of this body of song are Luigi Denza, Ernesto di Curtis, Eduardo di Capua, and Francesco Paolo Tosti. Some of the more famous titles are Funiculi, Funicula; Torna a Surriento; O Sole Mio; A Vucchella; and Santa Lucia. There are some very representive discs by Luciano Pavarotti.

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