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Who was the girl in love with Jose Rizal?


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If you are talking about a flirtatious relationship with Jose Rizal, it's his cousin, Leonora.


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The first love of Jose Rizal was Leonor Rivera.

the first love of rizal was Julia when he was 15 years old rizal accidentally met this girl in a river chasing for a butterfly.

the second love interest of Jose rizal is leonor valanzuela.

The major lesson we can learn from Dr. Jose Rizal is love for God, country and countrymen.

Flower among Flowers by Dr Jose Rizal is about a girl that is more beautiful than all other girls. The girl Dr Jose Rizal is referring to has a beautiful personality as well as looks.

Many girls--at least nine--were linked to him and he is believed to have secretly married Josephine Bracken, a girl from Hong Kong.

The moral legacies that Jose Rizal left behind made him become a martyr. Some of them include love of God, love of parents, love of others, courage and obedience among others.

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Jose Rizal is a poet, journalist, novelist, and Philippine nationalist. My Muse is a poem written by Jose Rizal is a poem about a love that's gone.

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Rizal's first love is SEGUNDA KATIGBAK.. it was "a love at first sight"

Jose Rizal is the national hero of the Philippines.

what is the secret mission of Jose Rizal?

Nickname of Jose Rizal: Pepe

YES. Jose Rizal did exist.

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Dr.jose protacio rizal attracted many women because of his love for country.

Josephine Bracken-the last love of Rizal. They had a baby boy named "Francisco" named after Rizal's father Don Francisco Mercado, but only lived for three hours.

Jose Rizal was born in Calamba, Laguna.

Jose Rizal, for he was a polymath.

the mother of Jose Protacio Rizal is pauline

No, Jose Rizal was not a drug lord.

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