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Q: Who was the head of the family in an Indian household?
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Was the paterfamilias or dominant male was the head of the Roman family?

Yes- the head of a Roman Household was the Father of the House, known in Latin as the Paterfamilias. He was usually the husband and father, though the role could be taken by a grandfather, uncle, older brother or other older relative (or on occasions, a guardian whose position was sanctioned by Roman law). The Paterfamilias had responsibility for the upbringing of children, the family's pastoral and emotional welfare, the practicalities of running the household, and the finances & economy of the home. He was also expected to settle internal family disputes, and to keep an eye on the family's medical welfare. This responsibility extended to any servants or slaves that were employed, and also to any tenants or lodgers.

What did a butler do in Victorian times?

A butler was the head of the household staff. In Victorian times the number of employees in a rich household could be very big. Although he sometimes personally served members of the family (those tasks could vary depending on arrangements made) he usually was mainly an overseeer who saw to it that other servants did their job right.

What is a breadwinner?

A breadwinner is the person who provides money or is the source of someone elses survival.

Can the diamond power of veto holder nominate the Head of Household to be his replacement?

Of course! It's the DIAMOND power, must be more powerful than just the normal POW.

Where is the mint mark on the Indian head five dollar gold coin?

If it has one its on the reverse just to the left of the arrow the eagle is standing on.

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Can you be the head of household if you own a mobile home?

If you are head of the family then you are head of the household anywhere.

Who was the head of the household in a Native American family?

the chief if ur talking about Indian (India) history, then its usually the oldest male or the father.

Describe the structure of the traditional Indian family?

The ideal family was the joint family; but the Indian family was patriarchal.the father or the oldest male was head of household,because he was thought to have wisdom and experience,when making decisions he'd have to consult his wife and other family members

Who was the head of household in a roman family?

In ancient Rome, the male was head of the household as well as primary individual responsible for appropriate worship of the household gods.

Who was paterfamilies?

The Pater Familas was the head of a Roman family. For example: The dad is the head of his household because his children have to obey him.

How does illiteracy affect males as head of household?

Yes, because it contributes to the overall illiteracy of the family. Being an illiterate head of the household means that family won't be able to comprehend the world, nor be able to navigate the family through modern society.

What was the paterfamilias in ancient Rome?

A pater familias (father of the family) was the head of the family/household. The plural is patres familias.

What are the release dates for Portrait of a Family - 1988 Single Head of Household 1-23?

Portrait of a Family - 1988 Power Plays 1-14 was released on: USA: 1988

What was sons role in the family?

In China, the son's role is to carry on the family name and take over as head of household of the original family when his father can no longer make decisions.

What is another name for the male head of the household?

Another name for the male head of the household is "patriarch."

How do you say Household and Family in Irish?

Teaghlach (household, family)

What was expected of a man as the head of the household in Muslim society?

Traditionally men are expected to be protectors and caretakers of the family.