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Who was the hero of World War 2?


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September 13, 2011 9:14PM

There wasn't only one hero in world war II, (it wasn't an action movie it was a war) there were many heros on both the axis and the allie powers Gunther Rough was a great pilot for the Germans, Doolittle was also a great pilot for the allies that's just an example of a few heros in WWII (although I would have to say presedent Roosevelt saved us by actually entering the war insted of not promesing he will stay out of the war. If we didnt enter the war at the time we did the Axis powers would have eventualy have conquered Great Brittan and the Soviet Union and would have left practicly just us to face Italy and Germany on the east coast and Japan on the west coast we would of course have had the help of Mexico and Canada and all of the South American countries but we would be in no condition to fight on two fronts)