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Who was the inventor of the calculating machine?

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The first inventor of the calculating machine was Blaise Pascal.

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Who is the Inventor of the (adding) calculating machine?

Blaise Pascal and Wilhelm Schickard one of those

The first calculating machine?

The name of first calculating machine is known as ABACUS.

Which is the first electronic calculating machine?

arithmetic machine

What was the name of John Napier calculating machine?

John Napier's calculating machine invention is called "Napier's Bones."

What is the first calculating machine?

The very first calculating "machine" was human hands and fingers. The abacus was next in about 300 BC.

Calculation formula for calculating machine hours?

lathe machine hour

What is an arithmometer?

An arithmometer is a calculating machine - a machine which enables someone to do arithmetic.

Pictures of early computing devices and its inventor?

pictures of calculating devices with their inventors

What year did William Seward Burroughs invent first calculating machine?

he filed the patent for his first calculating machine in 1885 then improved one in in 1892

Computer is a think machine discus?

The computer is a calculating machine, by programming you can make it "think".

What was the first operational calculating machine invented?


Who invented the first calculating machine?

Blaise Pascal

Who invented the calculating machine in 1831?

blaise pascal

What was the name of john napiers calculating machine?


Who construted a calculating machine in 1823?

Charles Babbage

How can you calculate the market rate of return?

with a calculating machine

Who invented a calculating machine?

The first counting machine known to man was an abacus. This simple machine was invented by the Chinese.

Who is the inventor of the washing machine?

James King

Inventor of the sewing machine?

Elias Howe

Who was the inventor of the machine gun?

Hiram Maxim

Who is the first inventor of machine?

Cavemen, the wheel.

Who is the inventor of machine gun?

Hiram Maxim

Who is the inventor of lathe machine?

christopher solis

Inventor of machine gun?

Hiram Maxim

Who was the inventor of the spinning machine?

Richard Arkwright