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Who was the inventor of the metal coil thermometer?

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Sir Edmond Halley - of the comet fame - was a British scientist who made a number inventions, one of which was the metal coil thermometer.

It is still in use today in refrigerators, freezers, and ovens.

See related link for more information.

2012-04-09 16:03:20
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Q: Who was the inventor of the metal coil thermometer?
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Who is the inventor thermometer?


Who is the inventor of the thermometer?

John Thermometer

What metal is in a thermometer?

Mercury is the metal in a thermometer.

Who was first inventor for digital thermometer?

invantor of digital thermometer

What are the function of Bimetallic thermometer?

A bimetallic thermometer has a coil of metal strips in it. The metal strips are made of two different materials that expand/contract at different rates. Because they're connected together at one end, when the metals warm up or cool down, the coil changes shape. You use a bimetallic thermometer when you want an electrical circuit to close due to a change of temperature.

Who is the inventor of thermometer?

galileo galilei

Who was the inventor of the spiral thermometer?

Anders Celsius

Who was the inventor of the electric coil?


Inventor of mercury thermometer?

The inventor of the mercury thermometer was Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit. He invented it in 1714. Fahrenheit is also credited for developing the temperature that bears his name.

Who is the inventor of alcohol thermometer?

daniel gabriel fahrenheit

What is a bimetallic thermometer?

A bimetallic thermometer uses a bimetallic strip wrapped into a coil. This strip usually consists of either steel and copper or steel and brass. A bimetallic thermometer is a type of thermometer made with a couple metal strips. They have differing thermal expansions that are brazen together. Any distortion in this apparatus caused by variations in the temperature is used to measure the temperature.

Who created the mercury thermometer?

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit created the mercury thermometer in 1714. He is also the inventor credited with the Fahrenheit temperature scale and an alcohol thermometer in 1709.

Does digital thermometer have mercury?

No. A digital thermometer works on a bi-metal usually

Who invented he antenna coil?

the inventor of the antenna was Alexander popov

Who is inventor of thermometer?

The first to put a numerical scale on the thermoscopes was the Italian inventor Santorio Santorio for use in medicine in the 16th century.

What metal is found in a thermometer?


What metal is put in a thermometer?


Why is Galileo still remembered today?

He was the inventor of the hydrostatic balance, the thermometer, and the compass.

What Genre is Lacuna Coil?

Lacuna Coil is Gothic Metal.

Which metal is used in the bulb of thermometer?


When was the first thermometer invented?

In 1612 the inventor Santorio Santorio became the first to put a scale on his thermometer. It was perhaps the first crude clinical thermometer as it was designed to be placed in a patients mouth for temperature taking

What is bi-metallic strip thermometer?

It's basically a coil of wire - anchored at one end - with a pointer attached at the other. The coil is actually a 'sandwich' of two different metals which react at different rates when exposed to heat. As the coil heats up, one metal expands faster than the other - causing the coil to unwind - which moves the pointer around a dial marked with a scale.

What is liquid metal was found in thermometers?

The liquid metal in many thermometer is mercury (Hg).

What do you use to support a thermometer to a beaker?

a metal stand.

What are the types of thermometers?

Alcohol thermometer Beckmann differential thermometer Bi-metal mechanical thermometer Electrical resistance thermometer Galileo thermometer Infrared thermometer Liquid Crystal Thermometer Medical thermometer (e.g. oral thermometer, rectal thermometer, basal thermometer) Mercury-in-glass thermometer Reversing thermometer Silicon bandgap temperature sensor Six's thermometer- also known as a Maximum minimum thermometer Thermistor Thermocouple Coulomb blockade thermometer Digital thermometer Oven cord thermometer Oven thermometer