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Who was the leader of japan in the ww2?


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Hirohito was the leader of Japan during World War 2.


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Emperor Hirohito was the 'king' of Japan in WW2.

Tojo was the leader of japan during ww2

shigandi was the ruler of japan when the bomb was dropped on japan during ww2 ...... ........ shigandi hahahahahahaha

No it was Hiato Titoy! I learned that in my 5th Grade class,and my teacher was Mrs.Holly Zitza!

Japan has never had a Fascist ruler or government. Japan was militarily aligned with Fascist Germany and Italy during WW2 as a part of the AXIS alliance.

Major person in WW2. He was leader of Germany Major person in WW2. He was leader of Germany

in Britain in ww2 japan in ww2 us in ww2 answer done

Tojo was the Japanese leader in ww2. i believe he was the emperor. He ruled the lands that japan seized. hope that helped.

The leader of Germany in WW2 is Adolf Hitler.

Japan and USA were NOT friends in ww2.

It was the measure to make Japan surrender in ww2.

Emperor Hirohito was the leader of Japan in 1939.

Both Germany and Japan fought against the US in WW2.Both Germany and Japan fought against the US in WW2.

Japan was allied to Germany in WW2.

No, in WW2 Japan was an enemy of the US.

No. I don't know if the US had Embassy personnel in Japan in WW2, but there were few if any US citizens in Japan in 1945 before the end of WW2.

Josef Stalin was the leader of the Russians during WW2.

japan they got better tatics but usa defeated japan in ww2

The US fought Japan, Germany, and Italy.In WW2, the US fought the "Axis Powers", consisting of Germany, Italy, and Japan.

Yes, the US introduced it when they defeated Japan in WW2

During WW2 in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.

The leaders in WW2 were very different. For the U.S there was Franklin Roosevelt, for the British it was Winston Chruchill, Germany had Hitler,and Japan had Tsung.

Emperor Hirohito was the leader of Japan during WW2, they were part of the "axis" powers and had pact with Germany (as an ally)

The US fought in Europe and Japan during WW2.

The leader of the Soviet Union during WW2 was Joseph Stalin.

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