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US Presidents Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman after FDR's death in office .

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Who was the leader of Japan during World War I?

Japan had two leaders during World War 1. From 16 April 1914

Who was the ledear of united kingdom during world war 2?

The leader of the UK during world war two was Churchill! Who helped the war come to a conclusion.

Who was the German leader in charge of the Final Solution?

Adolf Hitler was the leader of Germany during world war two.

Who was the prime minister of Germany during the world war two?

There......wasn't.Hitler was the Leader.

World War 2 chinese leader?

Chiang Kai-shek was the leader of China during World War Two. He came after Sun Yat-sen and before Mao Zedong.

What countyr led the red army during World War 2?

The army of Russia was called the red army during world war two. and the leader of Russia at the time was their dictator Joseph Stalin

Who was the leader of US in World War Two?


What was signifant about Adolf Hitler?

Adolf Hitler was leader of Nazi Germany during world war two and the German military.

Who were the major leaders in Europe during world war 2?

Two of the major leaders in Europe during World War II include: Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Harry Truman. Also, Josef Stalin was a major leader during WWII.

What year did Hitler enter the World War 1?

Hitler was not in world war one, he was the leader of the Germans in world war two.

Was Winston Churchill a charasmatic leader?

yes, his speeches are famous for uplifting the people of great Britain during world war two

Who was the leader of Germany in World War two?

Adolf Hitler.

Who was the leader of China durin World War 2?

China did not actually have a real solid leader of China during World war 2. The China we know of today was not the China of the war era. It consisted of many regions that were not totally united and ruled under one government with one leader. There were two factions: One led by the rising communist leader Mao Zedong and another leader opposed to communism and the Japanese by the name of Chiang Kai-shek. The US dealt with Chiang Kai-shek during World War 2 though he was not favored by the US Government. See related links below about the Chinese leaders during World War 2.

Who was the leader of england in World War two?

The leader of England in World War Two was Neville Chamberlain until May of 1940 when he was forced to resign and Winston Churchill became prime minister

What did Winston churchill do to help the country?

He was like a leader in the WW1 or WW2 (world war one or world war two) and he was the one, the leader of britain there was a leader for france very much like him.

Who was German prime minister during world war 2?

Germany didn't have a Prime Minister during World War 2. Instead there was a chancellor (Reichskanzler) and a leader (Führer) of the country. These were two separate positions but both held by Adolf Hitler.

Who was the world leader of the cold war?

There was no one "world leader", but the two main competing nations were the United States and the Soviet Union.

How did Anne Frank change during World War Two?

Anne change from a young girl to young women during World War two.

Was the holocust in World War 1 or two?

It happened during world war two, when Hitler had greater authority.

What happened to the Olympics during the war?

the Olympics were not held during world war one or world war two:) by Ashlee Jade Hallas

Who was the leader of Austro-Hungary empire during world war 1?

Franz Joseph I was emperor for two years into the war -after his death in 1916 his grandnephew, Charles I took over.

Who was the leader of Mexico during World War II?

Mexico had two presidents during WWII (1939-1945):Lazaro Cardenas (1934-1940)Manuel Avila (1940-1946)

World events during 20th century?

World War One, World War Two etc.

What is Benito mussolini's significance in history?

he was the leader of italy in world war two

Was the destruction of pearl harbor in world war 1 or 2?

It was during world war two

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