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um. it is Abe Lincoln and PS this is Justin and Selena Gomez

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Q: Who was the leaders of the puritans that fled England?
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The Puritans fled England for the Netherlands in 1608 with their leaders John Robinson and who?

William Bradford.

In search of religious freedom the Puritans fled England for the Netherlands in 1608 with their leaders John Robinson and?

William Bradford.

Who were the leaders in the new England colonies?

i believe it was the Puritans

Who is the group of protestants who were unwelcome to practice their religion in England and fled to Massachusetts?


Thousands of English Puritans arrived in Massachusetts Bay as they fled persecution in England Which term is associated with this event?

The Great Pilgrimage?

Which religious sect fled persecution in England by traveling to holland?

The Puritans, then they became afraid that the children were becoming Dutchified, and came to America.

What religious group settled in Massachusetts with John Winthrop?

Puritans came, (a puritan is a member of a group from England and fled to the Massachusetts Bay Colony to reform the practices of the Church of England, they hated that church), their leaving is known as the Great Migration.

Which legislative group in England backed the non Separatist Puritans who wanted to reform the Church from within?

church leaders

What other European country did the pilgrims flee?

The Puritans or the Pilgrims fled England first and landed in the Netherlands. After staying there for a time, the took ships to the New World.

Who settles in New England?

Puritans and Pilgrims.New England was settled by English Puritans. Hence the name New England.

Puritans Vs the church of England result of conflict?

the puritans beat the church of england.

How were the Puritans in England similar to the dissenters in the New England Colonies?

puritans in England /dissenter sin new England how are the similar