Who was the mother of Tityus?

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Tityos was a giant from Greek mythology. He was the son of Elara; his father was Zeus.
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What is the meaning of mother?

mother-. a person who cares and loves for us.. aka the person who brought you into this world

What is a mother?

Is a woman who gives birth to a baby and takes care of the baby. Litotes A mother may be a human or a mammal. The term "mother" is alsoapplied to other animals of the earth which lay eggs or give birth.In some species, it is the father who cares for the young. In human relationships, a mother is a ( Full Answer )

Who was Naruto's mother?

Although it is revealed that Naruto had a mother called Kushina Uzumaki.As a result of him being the demon fox's host.his father is the 4th hokage Minato Namikaze which is revealed by tsunade and jiraiya

Who was the mother of Mary the mother of Jesus?

Mary's mother was St Anne, who was married to St Joachim. Thecouple had Mary at a late stage in life, after Anne prayed to God.The names are not found in the Bible but are found in apocryphalwritings and Catholic Tradition.

Who is Naruto mother?

Kushina is naruto's mother, right now no one knows if she died or something so her where abouts is a mystery.

What did Shakespeare's mother do?

Shakespeare's mother, Mary Shakespeare nee Arden, did not have a particular occupation. She undoubtedly had her hands full maintaining her house, taking care of eight children and helping her husband in his business as a glover. Her family were farmers, and no doubt she was well-skilled in a variety ( Full Answer )

When can you be a mother?

Well, you can be a mother as soon as you are old enough to ovulate and find someone to fertilize your eggs. But that doesn't mean you are ready. You will need a stable job to support your child, a partner to help you with your child, and be responsible and mature enough just to be able to raise a ch ( Full Answer )

How is Coolie Mother similar to For your Mother?

I think coolie mother is located in the poor country , it is very miserable for these moms , my mom is not so miserable and she can cook and wash clothes to us .

Who is the mother in how i met your mother?

The mother is the roommate of the character played by Rachel bilson, but we still havnt seen her, well we have seen her ankle, although I doubt they have even cast the mother yet.

What did mother do?

love your mother all of your life.. Bcouze w/o. our mother wher not here in this woeld... i love mah mam... SuSan NavaRes..

What are mothers?

Mothers are the ones who give birth to you and are nice to you and their the ones who are always there for you. or abuse u.........sorry!!!!!!!BUT IT HAPPENS!!!!!

Why did they call Mother Teresa Mother?

Mother is the title given to the leader of a religious order - Mother Superior. Also, Mother Teresa was originally a Sister of Loreto, they are given the title Mother (as opposed to Sister) as soon as they make their final vows, so Mother Teresa was known as Mother even as a teaching Sister.

Why is Mother Teresa called Mother?

Mother is the name given to the leader of a religious order of nuns, but even before she founded the Missionaries of Charity, she was a teaching sister of Loretto. The nuns of that order are addressed as "Mother" when they were fully professed. When she took her first vows she was called Sister Tere ( Full Answer )

What is a mother from it?

it is an imagenary monster that eat kids.. ur mother give life aka birth.. so a mother from it is a clown that eats the kids it gives birth to.. diss.. it is an imagenary monster that eat kids.. ur mother give life aka birth.. so a mother from it is a clown that eats the kids it gives birth to ( Full Answer )

Is the correct grammar my mother and me or my mother and I?

Both "my mother and me" and "my mother and I" are correct grammar. The correct use of these phrases is dependent on their function ina sentence: . "my mother and me" - the pronoun "me" is an objective pronounto be used as the object of a verb or a preposition. . "my mother and I" - the pronou ( Full Answer )

When did Mother Teresa's mother die?

Mother Theresa's father, Nikole, was murdered in either 1918 or1919 (records are unclear) when she was 7-8 years old. The death ofher mother, Dranafile Bojaxhiu, is uncertain.

How can be a mother?

You have to have sexual intercourse when you ovulate. If nothing has happened for 1 year seek medical help.

What song has the lyrics mother mother mother mother mother mother?

"What's Going On" Marvin Gaye Mother, mother There's too many of you crying Brother, brother, brother There's far too many of you dying You know we've got to find a way To bring some lovin' here today - Ya Father, father We don't need to escalate You see, war is not the answer For only love ( Full Answer )

Why are mothers stressed?

Well I'm not a mother, but their is multiple reasons. . Bills & worried that they will lose their money . Not ready for the life that is ahead . Too much on their mind . Divorce . Medical problems . Too much work . Have lots of little ones that fight and run all over . There Is many more, ( Full Answer )

Where is Zuco's mother?

No one knows for sure but there is a rumor that a fourth season (book 4) is coming soon and there is a movie called The Last Airbender coming out on July 2,2010.

What do you do with lazy mothers?

Transformation from one set of habits to another is very difficult.If you are the other parent, you can take up the slack while thechildren are young, and teach them what they need to do to keepthings going when they are older. Endeavor to be there mentally andphysically and to model a better way of ( Full Answer )

How is a mother caring?

A mother is caring by showing love to her children. She doesn't just sit them down and ignore them. She takes care of their needs and plays with them. She helps develop their education and become the person they will grow up to be. She is a teacher to them

What is 'mother' in Slovenian?

'Mother' in Slovenia is 'mati' (MAH-tee). Colloquially it is 'mama' (stress is on the first syllable).

Who is jesse's mother?

The Biblical Jesse (assuming you meant him and not Jesus), the father of King David, has no named mother. His father is given as Obed, son of Ruth and Boaz.

Who is Antigone's mother?

Antigone's mother was Jocasta, wife of Oedipus, who was Antigone's father. The play Oedipus Rex , in which Antigone is a non-speaking character, describes the relationship of Jocasta and Oedipus - unbeknownst to them, Jocasta was actually Oedipus' mother in addition to his wife. When they learn thi ( Full Answer )

How important is it to be mother?

well when being a mother you have lots of responsiblilities so it's so important i mean everyone has a mother figure in a way even if it's a guy or if it's not a good one they still do like if a child has no one and a friend on the outside trys to help them that is like a mother figure in a way so m ( Full Answer )

Who was Lucifer's mother?

He did not have one, angels, even those who were given free willwere created directly by God. God would thus be theirfather/mother. Ezek:28:13: Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; everyprecious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and thediamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, th ( Full Answer )

Who is chiron's mother?

Chiron was the child of Cronus and Philyra. Cronus was the leader of the Titans and the father of the Zeus and other Olympians. Philyra was an Oceanid.

Who is kesha mother?

Kesha's mother was Pebe Sebert. She is a singer-songwriter who raised Kesha alone because she dose not know who her dad is

Who is peach's mother?

White mage from mario sports mix because she has the blue ball on her chest like princess peach.

What is a mother keyboard?

A mother keyboard is a basic piano-keyboard interface for use with digital sound composition & recording. It is more basic and less expensive than synthesizers and sequencers, because a mother keyboard doesn't contain all the sounds and recording / sequencing capabilities. Instead, a mother keyboard ( Full Answer )

Who was Aphrodite the mother of?

As goddess of love and lust, she had a lot of children. I put details only by the most well-known. Anteros Beroe Deimos Eros--minor god of love, also known as Cupid, husband of Psyche, twin of Himeros Himeros--minor god of lust, twin of Eros Harmonia Hermaphroditos Iakkhos Peitho--not all stories a ( Full Answer )

Who is Hestia mother?

Rhea, her father is Cronus, making her the sister of Hades, Zeus, Hera, Demeter and Poseidon.

Who is the mother of the Mother of Jesus?

St. Anne is the mother of Mary. The Gospel of James , also known as the Infancy Gospel of James or the Protoevangelium of James , is an apocryphal Gospel probably written about AD 145, which expands backward in time the infancy stories contained the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, and presents a na ( Full Answer )

Can you get chlamydia from your mother?

A baby can get chlamydia if born to a woman with the infection. In pregnant women, there is some evidence that untreated chlamydial infections can lead to premature delivery. Babies who are born to infected mothers can get chlamydial infections in their eyes and respiratory tracts. Chlamydia is a le ( Full Answer )

Is Robin the mother in 'How I met your Mother'?

No she is not. She has been established as being called "Aunt" Robin just like Barney, Lilly and Marshall are all Uncles and Aunt to Ted's children. They have not said who the mother is, but over the last several years the producers have made it crystal clear that there is no way that Robin can be t ( Full Answer )

Is your mother a bad mother?

My Mother is the best mother in the world - admittedly she is my only mother, but she is not bad .

How can mother earth be like a mother?

mother earth gives us air, night time and day time just like our mothers she gives us life like mother earth our moms gives us food, water ,and a house and we get that from mother earth.

Who is gods mothers mothers mother?

God has no mother. He is self-existent, meaning He has always existed and wasn't born to human parents. He is a Spirit.

Who is the mother in How I Met What your Mother?

We still don't know who she is. At the end of season 8 we see whatshe looks like but don't have her name yet. Season 9 will likelyshow how Ted and his wife meet finally revelaing how he met hiskids mother.

When is the mother revealed in how I met your mother?

The mother is revealed at the end of season 8 when a women with ayellow umbrella and guitar orders a ticket to Farhampton. We laterlearn that her name is Tracy and she marries Ted at the end.

What is mother?

A mother is a person who has children. A woman can be a motherfigure but not actually a mother.