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Who was the oldest disciples of Jesus?

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2020-05-04 14:01:55

who was the oldest in the disciple of Jesus

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2008-04-11 09:01:08

This is impossible to say. The life expectancy in those days was

around 40 or so (with some exceptions - e.g. the disciple John

lived until he was nearly 90), so very few lived beyond these

years. If you mean who was the oldest at the time Jesus was on

earth, then this is impossible to answer. John was probably the

youngest - just a teenager, and his brother James was probably next

(as their father Zebedee was still an active fisherman so would not

be partcularly old himself). Peter and Andrew his brother were also

active fishermen and therefore would be relatively young and fit.

Matthew, the tax collector, would have had to have training from

the Romans, and he wrote his gospel after Mark's gospel, so would

also have been relatively young, but old enough to have gone

through the training period. Simon the Zealot would have been a

young beligerent revolutionary. As for the others, we know little

about them, but it seems more apt that one of these may well have

been the 'oldest'. If you mean 'who livedo the oldest age' the

probable answer is John, the youngest disciple - the 'one whom

jesus loved' (in a caring fatherly way - not 'love' in modern day

standards! The Greek word used is 'agape' - caring love, rather

than 'eros' sexual love. Let's get that straight!). John lived long

enough to write his gospel almost at the turn of the first century

- around 60 years after the events, and we know from his own

disciples like Polycarp that he lived a while after this. so he

would have been late 80s or early 90s when he died.

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