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It was written to King George III

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Q: Who was the olive branch petition written to?
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What was the olive branch petition and was it successful?

totally... the olive branch petition was sucessful

Who wrote the olive branch?

No, it was drafted by Thomas Jefferson and improved, or made less harsh, by John Dickinson.

Did the Olive Branch Petition happen first of the Stamp Act?

Olive Branch Petition came first! Olive Branch Petition - 1775 Stamp Act - 1765

How did the olive branch get its name?

The Olive Branch Petition was a petition to England for peace before the end of the American Revolution. The historical symbol for peace is the olive branch, therefore, the peace proposal was called the 'Olive Branch Petition'

When did the olive branch petition start?

The Olive Branch Petition was adopted by Congress in the year 1775

Which document did the second continental congress send to king george to reaffirm colonists allegiace to him but not to parliament?

The Olive Branch Petition was the document sent to George III.

What was issued by president Washington to keep US out of European war?

the "olive branch petition"the "olive branch petition"

Who made the olive branch petition?

The French and Indians made the Olive Branch Petition to King George for a peace agreement.

How do you use olive branch petition in a sentence?

In 1775, the Continental Congress sent the Olive Branch Petition to King George III in a final attempt to avoid a full-blown conflict with Great Britain. The Olive Branch Petition expressed the colonists' desire for peace and reconciliation with the British government, but it was ultimately rejected, and the American Revolutionary War ensued.

What date was the Olive Branch petition declined?

I was studying this yesterday for a project!!! The Olive Branch Petition was declined on July 5, 1775

What did delegates sign as a petition as a final attempt to restore harmony?

The olive branch

What leader refused to accept the Olive Branch Petition?

King George III refused to accept the Olive Branch Petition from the Continental Congress.