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Q: Who was the original artist for the song 'can't stop loving you' by Keith Urban?
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What is a famous music artist that starts with k?

ke$ha, Keith urban...

What country artist is being featured as part of a televised pre-game Super Bowl party?

Keith Urban

When was Keith Urban born?

Keith Urban was born on October 26, 1967

What is Keith urban's full name?

Keith Lionel Urban :)

Keith Urban middle name?

Keith Lionel Urban

What is Keith Urban's occupation?

Keith Urban is a/an Singer,songwriter,record producer

Who is more country Keith Urban or Brad Paisley?

keith urban

Is Keith Urban his real name?

Yes, Keith Lionel Urban...

Does Keith Urban have a middle name?

Yes, Keith Lionel Urban.

What is a complex sentence about Keith Urban with the word when?

When Keith Urban is in a movie, I want to watch it. When Keith Urban takes off his shirt, I feel faint.

What is Keith Urban's birthday?

Keith Urban was born on October 26, 1967.

What Internet search terms would return results for the phrase urban sprawl but not Keith Urban?

+"urban sprawl" -"Keith Urban"

Is Keith Urban Married?

Yes, Keith Urban is married to Nicole Kidman

How much does Keith urban weigh?

Keith urban weighs 155 pounds

What is Keith Urban's birthday?

Keith Urban was born on October 26, 1967.

Is Keith Urban dead?

No, country singer Keith Urban is still alive.

Where can lyrics for Keith Urban's songs be found?

You can search lyric database websites like AZlyrics or metrolyrics to find the lyrics to Keith Urban or other artist' songs. Some YouTube videos featuring his songs also contain lyrics as part of the video or in the description.

Is Keith Urban tall?

CelebHeights (See Related Links below) estimates Keith Urban's height at 5'8.5"

Who is Keith urban dating?

Keith Urban is married to Nicole Kidman

What year did Keith Urban release his first album?

In 1991 and was named "Keith Urban"

Does Einar Pederson play bass for Keith Urban?

Kelly Clarkson not Keith Urban

Who is dating Keith Urban?

Keith Urban is married to Nicole Kidman

What country artist performed with iconic band The Pretenders in a live televised concert from Texas the night before the Super Bowl?

Keith Urban

Is Keith Urban from New Zealend?

Yes, Keith Urban is from New Zealand he was born there but he was on a tour when he found Nicole Kidman in Australia and he moved there with her for a while then moved to Nashville for Keith Urban's career. And they are having a happy life together. I should know because I am Keith Urban how about that!

How many children does Nicole Kidman have with Keith Urban?

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have had one child together, Sunday Rose Kidman Urban.