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aberaham Lincoln

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Q: Who was the president that stopped slavery?
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Who was president when slavery started?

Abraham Lincoln was the president and he also stopped the riot.

What did Abraham Lincoln do during he was president?

he awesomely STOPPED SLAVERY

What American president stopped slavery in America?

Abraham Lincoln.

What did lincoin the president do?

PRESIDENT LIN COIN STOPPED SLAVERY And his parents were both born in the same country

What did Thomas Jefferson do that was good?

He stopped slavery, he was a president, he was a very good person when he was a lot younger.

Which President stopped slavery?

Abraham Lincoln & the Emancipation Proclamation.

Why is important to know about Abraam lincoln?

he stopped slavery and was the president of u.s.a u shouldn't question america

What did Abraham Lincoln do good as a president?

Abraham Lincoln accomplished many enduring things as President. His Emancipation Proclamation spelled the beginning of the end for slavery in the US. The words he spoke in his Gettysburg Address became immortal. And the south's defeat in the Civil War preserved the Union.

What happened in georgia in response to general shermans order that freed slaves should be given land and a mule?

It was stopped by president Johnson’s b*tchass

What did Abraham Lincoln do while he was president that was significant and has never been forgotten to this day?

He stopped slavery in the U.S.A. He also kept the U.S.A together.

Did Abraham Lincoln stop slavery in Asia?

No he stopped slavery in the USA.

What is important about Quakers?

They stopped slavery.