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Q: Who was the president when the panama canal finished?
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Who was the only president to visit a foreign country while in office?

The only president who visited a foreign country during his governance was President Theodore Roosevelt. He visited Panama in 1903 to check on the Panama Canal progress.

What is the significance of The News Reaches Bogota?

President Theodore Roosevelt digging the Panama Canal. The gunboats are protecting the New Republic of Panama. The dirt on Bogota is Roosevelt "burying the deal" and humiliating Colombia.

Who was First president to travel abroad?

Theodore Roosevelt was the first US President to travel outside the US while he was in office. He sailed to Panama to inspect the canal. George Washington visited the Barbados in 1751, long before he was President.

How did American interests influence polictical forces in cuba in the late 1900s?

Americans finished building the Panama Canal; the Roosevelt corollary to the Monroe doctrine further increased American influence in Cuba.

The first president to leave the US while in office?

Theodore Roosevelt was the first sitting president to leave the country. He visited Panama while he was president. He and wife left for Panama on November 9, 1906 on the yacht Mayflower and then transferred to a battleship, the Louisiana, convoyed by two armored cruisers , the Washington and Tennessee.The purpose was to spend four days inspecting the construction of the Panama Canal. He then went to Puerto Rico, spent one day in San Juan, and returned to Washington on November 27. The ship was equipped with a wireless telegraph