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Q: Who was the qb for the 1973 usc trojans?
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Usc starting qb in 1972?

Mike Rae and Pat Haden shared the QB duties for the 1972 Trojans. Rae was the QB in the '73 Rose Bowl that was won by USC over Ohio State.

Who is better usc Trojans or the Florida gators?

usc trojans

Did a black qb lead usc to championship in college football in 1970's?

Vince Evans, an African-American, was the QB of the 1976 Trojans that won the Pac-10 championship.

Who wears 2 for USC Trojans?

Taylor Mays wears #2 for the USC Trojans.

What is USC's booster club name?

USC trojans

What university do the USC Trojans represent in the United States?

The University of Southern California is the university the USC Trojans represent in the United States. The USC Trojans represent the athletics team for the whole school.

When was USC started?

USC was started in 1880! Fight on Trojans!:)

Who participated in the 2009 Emerald Bowl?

USC Trojans and Boston College Eagles participated in the 2009 Emerald Bowl. The game was won by USC Trojans. Both of the teams played an amazing game but the winners were USC Trojans.

Where can one see a football game of the USC Trojans?

To see a football game of the team the USC Trojans, one should visit the official USC Trojans webpage for tickets. Alternatively, one can get tickets from sites such as 'Stubhub'.

What is USCS?

USC's mascot is the Trojans

Did Ohio State ever play in the Rose Bowl against USC Trojans?

Ohio State and USC have met in the Rose Bowl 7 times, in 1955, 1969, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1980 and 1985 . USC leads 4-3.

Has North Carolina Tarheel ever played USC Trojans Before?

The North Carolina Tarheels have played the USC Trojans. They have also played many others.