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Napoleon Bonaparte was the ruler who decided to sell all that land to the US.

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Q: Who was the ruler of France at the time of the Louisiana Purchase?
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Who was the leader of France at the time of The Louisiana Purchase?

Napoleon was the French ruler (and emperor) at the time of the Louisiana Purchase.

Who RULED France in The Louisiana Purchase?

In the early 1800s, the ruler of France at the time of the Louisiana Purchase was Napoleon. Deeply embroiled in war in Europe at the time, Napoleon was in more need of money than of troublesome and distant colonial land of dubious value.

What country in Europe was France at war with around the time of The Louisiana Purchase?


Who needed money to fight a war in the Louisiana purchase time?

Napoleon of France

Did Louisiana always belonged to France?

No. Excluding the unowned Native Period, France gave up possession of Louisiana to the Spanish for a time prior to the purchase in 1803

Did the Louisiana purchase double the size of the US at that time?

Yes, the 1803 Louisiana Purchase from France more than doubled the size of the territorial area of the United States.

Why was the Louisiana territory available for purchase?

The French needed troops to support France against Britian at the time.

Were there slaves in Louisiana at the time of the Louisiana Purchase?


How did America pay for the Louisiana Purchase?

The Louisiana Purchase cost $15 million at the time.

Which King sold the Louisiana Territory to the US?

This purchase was made in 1803 when Napoleon ruled France. The French did not have a king at this time.

Who did the US purchase Louisiana from?

The U.S. purchased the Louisiana territory in 1803 from Napoleon, who at that time was the leader of France. It was not until 1819 that the boundaries of the land were fully determined. they ate subway

What did Thomas Jefferson do in 1803?

In 1803, Thomas Jefferson oversaw the Louisiana Purchase. It doubled the size of the US at that time. It was purchased from France.

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