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Napoleon Bonaparte was the ruler who decided to sell all that land to the US.

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Who was the leader of France at the time of The Louisiana Purchase?

Napoleon was the French ruler (and emperor) at the time of the Louisiana Purchase.

Who RULED France in The Louisiana Purchase?

In the early 1800s, the ruler of France at the time of the Louisiana Purchase was Napoleon. Deeply embroiled in war in Europe at the time, Napoleon was in more need of money than of troublesome and distant colonial land of dubious value.

Did Louisiana always belonged to France?

No. Excluding the unowned Native Period, France gave up possession of Louisiana to the Spanish for a time prior to the purchase in 1803

Did the Louisiana purchase double the size of the US at that time?

Yes, the 1803 Louisiana Purchase from France more than doubled the size of the territorial area of the United States.

Why was the Louisiana territory available for purchase?

The French needed troops to support France against Britian at the time.

How did America pay for the Louisiana Purchase?

The Louisiana Purchase cost $15 million at the time.

Which King sold the Louisiana Territory to the US?

This purchase was made in 1803 when Napoleon ruled France. The French did not have a king at this time.

Who did the US purchase Louisiana from?

The U.S. purchased the Louisiana territory in 1803 from Napoleon, who at that time was the leader of France. It was not until 1819 that the boundaries of the land were fully determined. they ate subway

What did Thomas Jefferson do in 1803?

In 1803, Thomas Jefferson oversaw the Louisiana Purchase. It doubled the size of the US at that time. It was purchased from France.

Was The Louisiana Purchase a big purchase?

At that time the Louisiana Purchase was a big purchase because it gave America more land to expand its growing nation.

Who was France in a war with at the time of The Louisiana Purchase?

Actually, they were recovering from the economical cost of a war that went badly for them, that's why they sold us the land.

What country owned the Louisiana Purchase when the states signed the Constitution?

France Not France. During the time period when the United States signed the Constitution, Spain owned the Louisiana Territory. France later gained the territory shortly before President Thomas Jefferson made the decision to buy it.

How did the size of the us change after the Louisiana purchase?

the Louisiana purchase almost doubled the size of the united states during that time

What was the Louisiana purches?

the Louisiana purchase was when George Washington got a offer from napoleon the leader of France to sell Louisiana to the US for 15 million dollars and george washinton agreed to it because Louisiana was a good way for US to grow and their was a important trade center there at the time

How did the United States acquire the Louisiana Purchase?

France needed money, and set a price for the territory. Thomas Jefferson was president at the time and is credited with the negotiation.

Who was president of the US when the Louisiana Purchase was completed?

Thomas Jefferson was the President at the time of the Louisiana Purchase. He also sent Lewis and Clark to explore the limits of the purchase.

What era was the Louisiana Purchase?

The Louisiana Purchase was enacted in 1803. This was during the time of Napoleon Bonaparte and so named the Napoleonic period.

Who bought Louisiana during the Oregon trail time?

Thomas Jefferson bought Louisiana in what is now called the Louisiana purchase

What president purchased the Louisiana territory from France?

Napoleon Bonaparte offered the Louisiana Territory to the United States in 1803. Thomas Jefferson was the President at the time and felt the opportunity was too good to pass up and made the purchase.

Who went to France to buy New Orleansbut ended up with the whole Louisiana Territory during Thomas Jeffersons Presidency?

France, ruled by Napoleon at the time, offered the Louisiana Purchase to the United States during the presidency of Thomas Jefferson because it was a way to alleviate some of the French national debt at the time. The purchase was made for $15 million. There was no one person that appealed to the French emperor for the land.

What is the percentage of land gained from the Louisiana purchase?

The Louisiana Purchase gave the United States 22.3% of it's land mass, and almost tripled the size of the country at the time of it's purchase.

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