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Stephen Douglas

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Q: Who was the senator from Illinois who believed that the question of slavery in the territories should be settled by popular sovereignty?
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Stephen Douglas staunchly believed that the slavery question in the territories of Kansas and Nebraska should be resolved by?

popular sovereignty, allowing the residents of the territories to vote on whether to allow slavery or not. He argued that this approach would uphold the principles of democracy and states' rights, allowing each territory to determine its own stance on the issue.

Squatter sovereignty led to fighting in kansas because the squatters were on both sides of the what?

Because the question over extension of slavery into the new territories was raised.

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The political issue behind the question of expanding slavery after the Mexican-American War was whether the newly acquired territories would be free or slave states. This debate ultimately led to the Compromise of 1850, which temporarily resolved the issue by allowing some territories to decide on the issue of slavery through popular sovereignty.

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