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Q: Who was the skilled confederate general from Virginia?
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What confederate general approached with in 5 miles of DC but was driven back to Virginia?

The Confederate General was "Jubal Early"

What did George Pickett do?

He was a general in the Confederate Army; he was from Virginia.

Confederate general of the army of northern virginia?

Robert E. Lee

Who was the confederate general of the army of northern Virginia?

Robert E. Lee

Who was the general of the Confederate army of northern virginia?

Robert E. Lee

Who was the general in charge of the confederate army in Virginia?

Thomas Stonewall Jackson

Was Robert lee a confedarate general in the civil war?

yes he was a confederate general from virginia. how do you not know this?

Confederate general whose attempts to invade the north were halted at Antietam and at Gettysburg?

That Confederate general was Robert E. Lee, commander of the Army of Northern Virginia.

What Confederate general led the Army of the Valley?

The Confederate Army of the Valley was led by General Jubal A. Early. In this case the "Valley" meant the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.

What did General Lee surrendered his Confederate army to General Grant at?

Appomattox Virginia, in the home of the McLean family.

Was Robert E. Lee a union or a confederate?

he was general of confederate forces during the civil war

What are civil war words to a-z?

· Appomattox Court House (Lee surrenders to Grant) · Braxton Bragg (Confederate General) · Confederate States of America · Davis, Jefferson (Confederate President) · Edward M. Stanton (Union Secretary of War) · Forest, General Nathan Bedford (Confederate General) · Gettysburg (Virginia), battle of · Hunley, H.L. (submarine of the Confederate States of America) · Ivy Mountain (Kentucky), battle of · Jackson, Thomas "Stonewall" (Confederate General) · Kernstown (Virginia), battle of · Lee, Robert E. (Confederate General) · Meade, George (Union General) · Nashville (Tennessee), battle of · Old Church (Virginia), battle of · Pope, John (Union General) · Quantrill, Confederate Captain William and his "Quantrill's Raiders" · repeating rifle (weapon used during the war) · Stanton, Edward M. (Union Secretary of War) · Tullahoma Campaign · Ulysses S. Grant (Union General) · Vicksburg (Mississippi), siege of · Williamsburg (Virginia), battle of · Yorktown (Virginia), siege of · Zouave