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William Tecumseh Sherman was known for total war.


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William Tecumseh Sherman was the general who theorized and applied the Total War on the South.

Grant was the most successful Union general and Lee surrendered to him to end the war.

The General that was best known for his sideburns was the Union General Ambrose Burnside. (If you need to remember his name then you could remember his last name: Burnside Sideburn).

Best known for leading the Union (North) in the Civil War. He was a brave military general.

General William T. Sherman's March to the Sea is an example of "Total War", where everything the Union Army encountered along the way was burned, destroyed, or otherwise made unusable

General Grant was for the Union but after the war he became 18th president.

uylsses s grant is the general of the union army.

General Philip Sheridan fought as a Union general in the American Civil War

He served as a General in the Union Army during the American Civil War

In the US Civil War, it was the Confederate General Robert E. Lee, not the Union General, who surrendered.

The Union Army only fought the Civil War!!

The Union General-in-Chief was Ulysses S. Grant.

He bring the northern in the a middle of the border and sourded them

General Lee is known for leading the Confederate army against the Union army during the American Civil War.

The two Union officers who believed in and demonstrated the effectiveness of the strategy of total war were General Ulysses Grant and General William Sherman. Grant's Overland Campaign in 1864 and Sherman;s March to The Sea in 1864 were examples of total war by two military leaders.

Sherman. It was noted for its high effectiveness and low casualties.

He was the lead general for the union side (north).

The first General in Chief of the Union Army was Lieutenant-General Winfield Scott.

Union won the American Civil War. Also known as the North.

This was Sherman's March to the Sea and it was lead by Major General William Tecumseh Sherman.

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