Who was the willing sacrifice?

Updated: 11/2/2022
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As a willing human sacrifice (the sacrifice of the broken heart), this is the only ghost to be created out of an act of pure love. Arthur Kriticos prepares himself to become that ghost by giving up his life to save his children. He has been led by Kalina Oretzia to believe that doing so will stop the Eye of Hell from opening, when in fact the thirteenth ghost is needed as the final trigger to start it. Before Cyrus can force Arthur to go through with the plan, Maggie causes a breakdown in the house's control mechanism and all the other ghosts (except for Jean) kill Cyrus. Played By:No one

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Q: Who was the willing sacrifice?
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Who are the thirteen ghost in the movie 13 ghost?

The 13th Ghost is "The Willing Sacrifice". He is the father of the girl and the boy who is willing to sacrifice his own life to save his children.

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Who was the thirteenth ghost in thirteen ghost?

" The Willing Sacrifice"whom was Arthur Kriticos.The Father of the young lady and the young boy.He "willingly" died to saved his Children.Thus, making him " The Willing Sacrifice".Hope I helped you out somehow.Ciao

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Yes, he was willing to sacrifice the only son he could ever have to be loyal to God but God let him keep his son because he was faithful enough to do it. I hope this is helpful.

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Probably by his willingness to sacrifice his only son. A similitude of God being willing to sacrifice his Son.

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