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Who was the youngest first lady?

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Frances Cleveland. In 1886 she married Grover Cleveland in the blue room of the White House. She was 21. The president was 49 at the time. The president had previously acted as a "dad" to her after her father died.

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How was the youngest first lady?

Frances Folsom Cleveland was 21 when she became First Lady

Who was second youngest first lady?

hilary clinton

Who are the top 5 youngest first ladies?

hillary clinton,lady bird

Who was the youngest First Lady in US history?

Frances Folsom Cleveland, age 21

Is Michelle Obama the youngest first lady?

No, Frances Folsom Cleveland, age 21 was.

Who was the youngest first lady in United states' history?

Frances Folsom Cleveland, she was 21

Who was the first U.S. First Lady married in the White House?

Frances Cleveland 1864-1947 was the youngest First Lady at age 21 and the only bride of a president to marry and give birth in the White House.

How old was Jacqueline Kennedy when she became the First Lady?

She became First Lady of the United States on January 20th, 1961. She celebrated her 31st birthday on July 28th, 1960, so she was 31 years old. She was the third youngest First Lady in the history of the United States.

Was Dolley Madison the youngest first lady?

Frances Folsom Cleveland, wife of Grover Cleveland, at 21, was the youngest first lady. ever . John Tyler's second wife, Julia was 24 when she became first lady. Dolley was younger than Martha Washington and Abigail Adams, the two previous wives of presidents. She was older than Jefferson's daughter who was the White House hostess just before she moved in.

What president had youngest wife?

Francis Folsom Cleveland, wife of President Grover Cleveland, became First Lady at 22.

How old was Jacqueline Kennedy whenJack took office?

31 yrs old (she is the 3rd youngest first lady in American history)

What did Jackie Kennedy do?

As the third youngest First Lady of the United States and the wealthiest, she gave a new sense of style and glamour to the White House. She also set up an integrated kindergarten in the White House while she was the First Lady.

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Why is Jacqueline Kennedy a famous first lady?

She was married to a President with many firsts (youngest elected, first Roman Catholic, wealthiest). She was the third youngest first lady in history, and mothering a young family of two children. She was an American socialite whose old money background, French-like beauty, and passion for the humanities and arts were attributes towards her fame with the press and many admirers around the world.

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What was the age of Jackie Kennedy as first lady?

When John Kennedy was sworn in as president on January 20, 1961, Jacqueline became, at age 31, one of the youngest First Ladies in history.She was 31

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