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Q: Who was there at the budget impasse shuts down federal apt?
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Did they shut down the government?

The federal US government underwent a partial shutdown during the 2013 budget crisis. This shutdown costs hundreds of millions of dollars, as well as billions of dollars in revenues.

When the federal government passes authority to administer a program down to state or local governments what is it called?

When the federal government passes authority to administer a program down to state or local governments, it is called

Why was it important that the constitution gave the federal government the federal government the power to insure domestic tranquillity?

The Confederation Congress had no power to put down rebellions.

What is federal supremacy and preemption?

Federal supremacy and preemption refers to the idea that all state and local laws must not conflict with federal law. If there is a conflict, the federal law is considered the supreme law and it always supersedes the state or local law. An example would be if there was no state law prohibiting the dumping of toxic waste into a river, but there are federal laws prohibiting water pollution, then the federal law would take precedence and the dumping has to be stopped and the river has to be cleaned up. The only way to effectively overcome federal supremacy is to demonstrate that the federal law is in itself unconstitutional and therefore illegal. In that case, the federal law would be struck down by the court, and the state law would be the authority.

What were the two main reasons that led to the government shut down in October 2013?

The Republican congress refused to pass the budget under the deadline and when that happened the government shut down because there were no funds for the various departments. This action was a threat that they often made to get what they wanted, but the president didn't move on his budget and allowed it to go over the deadline. To have a working government comprise is needed on both sides and when it isn't things like the government shutdown happens.

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