Boston Tea Party

Who was thrown overboard during the Boston tea party?


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Tea that was aboard a British Ship.

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The tea was in chests (about 7 cubic feet each), and all 342 chests from three vessels were thrown overboard. This was tons of tea.

The variety of tea thrown overboard in the Boston Tea Party was called Bohea, and was a kind of Chinese black tea. It is most similar to Lapsang souchong, a black tea with a smoky aroma. The tea was sold by the British East India Company.Bohea tea is not widely available in the U.S., but there are a few sources that sell it by mail-order.

The tea was thrown into Boston Harbor.The tea was thrown into Boston Harbor.The tea was thrown into Boston Harbor.The tea was thrown into Boston Harbor.The tea was thrown into Boston Harbor.The tea was thrown into Boston Harbor.

The people in the Boston Tea party.

Boston tea rebellion or Boston tea overboard.

During the Boston tea party, the American colonists invaded British tea ships and threw all their tea overboard.

92,000 pounds of tea were dumped overboard at the Boston tea party

there were about 45 tons thrown out of the three boats in Boston Harbor at the Boston Tea Party

At the Boston Tea Party, a group of men, disguised as Indians, boarded ships that were carrying tea and they dumped the tea overboard.

The tea was thrown off the docks in Boston into the Atlantic Ocean.

three hundred ninety two boxes of tea were thrown into the water, which is now very famously known as "The Boston Tea Party".

There was an dispute during the Boston tea party oh

The sons of liberty were on the ships during the Boston tea party.

They still drank tea. It was a protest they did by throwing the tea overboard not a boycott. Soon after the Boston Tea Party, a shortage of imported tea forced the colonists to substitute bee balm as a tea during the shortage.

They set up what we now call the, "Boston Tea Party", during which they threw tons of tea overboard from a cargo ship.

Samuel Adams dumped tea in The Boston Harbor during The Boston Tea Party.

Because in 1773, a group of colonists in Boston protested against Britain by throwing 3 shiploads of tea overboard.

342 chests of Britain Tea, the event was later called "the Boston Tea Party".

the british did not tip the tea over the boat colonists that were disquesed as indians dunped the tea overboard as a sign hatred.

the colonists threw tea overboard to show they didn`t want to be taxed for that

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