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John Cena was with his girlfriend Maria

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Q: Who was with john cena in cena vs rikishi rap battle?
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What is John Cena's Favorite music?

His favorite music is rap

Does John Cena sing pop music?

no rap music put in on youtube john cena old theme you will see him rap my time is now

What is John Cena's Favorite Kind of Music?


When did John Cena stop rapping?

he should rap

Can John Cena dance?

he can rap and dance well

Was The Rock John Cena's Trainer?

Yes but that was until John Cena talked trash rap about The Rock on SmackDown.

Is WWE john cena rap singer?

yes he is the best

What kind of music does John cena like?

he likes rap

Can John Cena rap?

Yes, John Cena can rap. He is rapping in the song that comes out to ring to.

Will john cena rap again?

Nobody really knows. I think the Wwe is trying to figure out what to do with Cena

Whose band sung the john cena's theme?

John Cena sung his theme song. He's a rapper but he doesn't rap anymore.

Why did John Cena stop rappin?

John Cena said he stopped rapping because he had to go before each match and say the rap to WWE officials. Many times he had to change his rap before the live shows and grew tired of changing things.