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Mostly knights and soldiers went on the Crusades. In the Children's Crusades (1202) England sent children to try and capture Jerusalem, but they never returned. But in most of the Crusades Knights and soldiers went with their huge armies to go and fight the Muslims so they could get Jerusalem(the Holy Land) back, and they thought that the Muslim religion was wrong.

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Q: Who went on the Crusades and why?
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Who went in the crusades?

The Catholics.

Those who went on the Crusades included?


Why did people went on a crusades?

the pope lied them and obligated them.

What type of people went on crusades and what were their reasons for going?

people went on crusades for many reasons like to please god, to runaway from the law, get more land or help their reputation

From what part of the world and from which countries did the first three Crusades start out?

In Europe, and from France, England, and Germany. They went to Israel for the Crusades.

Who went to the Crusades?

All of the religious people that wanted Jerusilm.

One fact about the crusades?

A fact about the crusades is that people went on the crusades because Pope Urban told them that they would be forgiven for their sins and tht they would automatically go to Heaven.

What are the Crusades relashinship with christans?

The Crusades were sponsored and fought by the Catholic Church and the people who went were Christians to take back the “Holy Land.”

Were the crusades and the black death at the same time?

No. The Crusades were from 1098-1291. The Black Death began in 1347 and went on for a few decades after.

What were other reasons for the crusades?

i think because they went the holy land

Was nobles and knights were the only ones in the crusades?

The majority of the people who went on the crusades were neither noble nor knights. There were a lot of foot soldiers, archers, workers of all sorts, and others who went along.

What are facts about the crusades?

Crusades was a series of holy wars!The Crusades were holy wars between the Christan's and The Muslims. There were 7 Crusades in total. They went from 1095-1270. The main goal of the Crusades was the Christians wanted to take the Holy City Of Jerusalem out of the Muslims power. Hope this helped :D