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George Washington owners are Susan and her husband.


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George Washington Carver did have a wife.

They were racist and white One of them was George Washington, the future president, who had 1000 slaves.

George was born into slavery and raised by his parents slave owners after both his father and his mother left.

He was born in and raised in Diamond Missourri, USA. He was stolen by Arizona night raiders as a week old slave. Then was sold in Kentucky along with his mother. The slave owner traded George for a Race Horse and raised him once slavery was abolished.

George W. Washington was a slave.

Yes, he was born a slave.

This is a really good question. I am a descendent of George Washington.

Yes, they could. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington are two examples of slave owners successfully running for president. A slave owner had just as much right to run for president you or me, but in order to even hope of winning they would need to know a lot about government and politics.

well he was a slave owner for the early years of his life

William was the slave that Washington freed in his will and left an annuity to.

george was not a slave, but he owned 277 slaves when he died on Mount Vernon,Virginia.

Giles Carver, he was a slave.

William was the name of the slave the Washington freed in his will.

he freed his slave like a dick

Washington never was a slave. He was a wealthy white plantation owner. He had slaves.

George Washington Carver was born as a slave and died as a rich scientist

Masters or just plain slave owners

Yes. He owned 277 slaves when he died.

Yes. He was about all a slave could hope for.

George Washington Carver was born into a slave family in Diamond, Missouri sometime before January of 1864. He is famous for the many foods and products he developed using peanuts and soybeans.

North Slave owners did pay their slaves, but south slave owners didn't. See the following link.

Both from virgina both married both slave owners and both were elected President. Washington however freed his slaves in his will and provided money and housing and education for those who were either to old or to young to leave.

The slave owners bought their slaves at auctions.

He had at least one older brother and sister, but he and his brother were raised by their mother's owners after the family was kidnapped when George was only a few weeks old. Carver was born into slavery, to a "good" owner, Moses Carver; his mother was the only slave Carver had ever owned, and she was well-treated. His father, from a neighboring plantation, had been killed in an accident just before George's birth. When he, his mother, brother, and sister were stolen by slave raiders, George was still a baby. He and his brother James (Jim) were found and returned to the Carvers, who raised the two boys as their own children.

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