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Q: Who were Jeb Stuart's lieutenants?
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Who was JEB Stuarts wife?

Jeb Stuart married Flora Cooke November 15, 1855.

For what was General JEB Stuart's nickname an abbreviation?

The name of Jeb is derived from Stuarts initials. James Ewell Brown is the full rendering of the abbreviation J.E.B.

What was Jeb Stuarts job after the war?

ANSWER jeb Stuart was killed at the Battle of Yellow Tavern on May 11, 1864, befor the end of the war.

What was the name of JEB Stuarts horse?

General Stuart had several horses and include: Virginia, Skylark, My Maryland, and Highfly.

What happened to JEB Stuart's children?

If you know much about Mr. Flamboyance (JEB), his second child, little Flora, died in 1863. She was sick for nearly three weeks, but JEB only got word of her being sick about two weeks into the sickness. The Stuarts' first child JEB jr.(Jimmy) lived on. When JEB died (his father) JEB Jr. was willed his father's french saber, and his golden spurs in which JEB Sr. treasured. They also had a third child; Virginia Pelham Stuart. Virginia for the state, Pelham for his favorite artillery major who had just died, and you know the rest. Virginia was very young when her father died. Today, there are living descendants of JEB and Mrs. Flora Stuart.

Can you use lieutenants in a sentence?

You three lieutenants come with me!

Who are the stuarts?

The Stuarts are People

What was special about JEB Stuarts military unit?

Stuart's cavalry screened Lee's army well from prying Union eyes, and defeated Union cavalry time after time. That being said, his absence on the first day and a half at Gettsburgh probably had a hand in Lee's defeat.

When did Sobieski Stuarts die?

Sobieski Stuarts died in 1872.

What is the duration of What the Stuarts Did for Us?

The duration of What the Stuarts Did for Us is 1380.0 seconds.

Why cant you use lieutenants on dynasty warriors 6?

Because it is not empires. You can only use lieutenants in empires.

Why did the Stuarts come into conflict with Parliament?

The Stuarts disliked the democratic traditions of England

When was Stuarts Department Stores created?

Stuarts Department Stores was created in 1957.

When did What the Stuarts Did for Us end?

What the Stuarts Did for Us ended on 2002-11-11.

What is the birth name of Jeb Magruder?

Jeb Magruder's birth name is Jeb Stuart Magruder.

What is the birth name of Jeb Bennett?

Jeb Bennett's birth name is Jeb Robert Henry Bennett.

What did the stuarts wear?

The lady stuarts wore a fashnable gown with a high or low neckline

What was JEB Stuarts occupation?

James Ewell Brown Stuart was a career soldier. He served in the US Army from the time of his graduation from West Point in 1854 until the beginning of the US Civil War in 1861. He then served the Confederacy until his death on May 12, 1864 at the Battle of Yellow Tavern, Virginia.

Where did the Bush's get the name jEB FROM?

Jeb's full name is John Ellis Bush. JEB are his initials ; his nickname came from that.

What did the stuarts eat?

Poor stuarts ate bread cheese fish and meat if they could afford it.

What did stuarts eat?

Poor stuarts ate bread cheese fish and meat if they could afford it.

When was Stuarts Draft High School created?

Stuarts Draft High School was created in 1970.

What does JEB Stand for?

JEB is actually a contraction of James Ewell Brown the full name of the Confederate cavalry commander Jeb Stuart.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Stuarts - 2014?

The cast of The Stuarts - 2014 includes: Clare Jackson as herself

What does the jeb of Jeb Stuart mean?

James Ewell Brown